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40 years ago, Acer set out to make technology more accessible.

Our wish was simple,
but our ambitions were grand.

Join us in New York to see how we’re continuing the tradition.

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  • Predator 17 X, Predator G1, Predator Z1
    Predator 17 X, Predator G1, Predator Z1

    Experience the monstrous power of Predator hardware and bring your gaming experience forward.

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  • Switch Alpha 12
    Switch Alpha 12

    Superb performance without the noise

    Watch the video

  • Aspire S 13
    Aspire S 13

    A leaner body with more stamina

    Watch the video

  • Chromebook 14 for Work
    Chromebook 14 for Work

    This Chromebook means business

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