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  • GNMilasiGNMilasi Member Posts: 22 Troubleshooter
    Thank you so much, @egydiocoelho!!!

    Predator G3-572-75L9

  • egydiocoelhoegydiocoelho ACE Posts: 58,581 Trailblazer
    This model was manufactured on 2019-08-29. However, it is an older version of the helios 300.
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  • GNMilasiGNMilasi Member Posts: 22 Troubleshooter
    Thank you, @egydiocoelho!

    How do we discover this version by the exact model?

    Is it worth following the tips of Facebook Groups (User @Xapim)?

    I ask this because just turn on the notebook and the temperature is already 70 / 75º.

    And because of this problem, I haven't connected my Notebook for more than 2 months.

  • xapimxapim ACE Posts: 5,625 Pathfinder
    edited May 16
    GNMilasi said:
    Good morning everyone!

    I'm a newbie here at the Forum.

    How do I know if my Predator G3-572 is from the 2017, 2018 generation ...?

    On his Page ( ) there are only 2017 drivers and he gets very hot without running anything.

    Thank you.
    GNMilasi This is not the thread to ask this you should open your own thread this thread its dedicated to PS only you have to optimize your windows undervolt and if still needed repaste it with kryonaut or similar and the G3-572 and previous are all from 2017 and the PH series came in 2018

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    MBD: Acer Predator G3-572

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    If you want to learn more about undervolting/optimizing windows join the Predator fb group and youtube channel:

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