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Line down the middle, overlapping image

ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


edited April 2018 in Predator Monitors

I am having some trouble with my new 271HU. Sometimes when it comes back from sleep/standby there is a line exactly down the middle of the screen where the left side of the screen seems to have had its display shifted right a few mm but the right side is still where its meant to be. The bit that has been shifted right then appears over on the far left as if it has overlapped and re-appeared starting from the left.

It doesnt do this all the time, I have gone a whole day or two without seeing it, then sometimes it might do it twice in one day. If I turn the monitor off and on again then it is all ok again. I have never seen anything like this before. Any ideas? Is it somehow faulty or can it be fixed?  I had anoither XB271HU and it never did this.  I  have seen at least one other user in another forum with the exact same issue except his overlap appears on the right edge instead of the left.


You can see in the images below, the diagonal lines in the picture should be straight but have been chopped off exactly in the middle of the monitor by this odd overlap, and the chopped bit appears in the far left of the screen!





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  • Acer-MannyAcer-Manny Posts: 2,969 Acer Crew
    Accepted Answer

    Hi all,

    We would like to apologize again to all users who are experiencing the reported issue with their monitor.  The issue is caused by the G-Sync firmware, and impacts monitors from a variety of manufacturers. The resolution is to have the monitor updated to the latest G-Sync firmware at an authorized Acer repair facility.  The issue should be resolved for firmware versions 160613 and newer. Even with the newly applied firmware, there are rare and isolated instances where you may encounter the issue. If you do, we suggest turning your monitor off, then back on.


    You can verify your monitor firmware version by entering factory mode. You should be very careful not to change any setting when in factory mode. Use the steps below to check your firmware version.


    1.    With the monitor turned off, press the Game mode key and power button.

    2.    After 1 second the monitor will enter factor mode

    3.    Locate the line for firmware and verify you have at least firmware 160613 or newer.

    4.    Press the Menu button or select Factory Reset to exit factory mode.


    We will be closing this thread with this post as the official solution. If you have an XB271HU monitor that has firmware version 170904 or newer, and are still experiencing this issue frequently, we encourage you to send us a private message, so we can better assist you and investigate further. If you have a monitor model other than XB271HU, please create a new topic with the model number, first 10 digits of the serial number, a detailed explanation and specifications of the unit you have the monitor connected to, the settings being used and we will gladly discuss the issues you may be experiencing.

    Best Regards,



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  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Administrator Posts: 1,449 Community Administrator

    Hi ewokuk,


    I'm looking into this, but I hope you can provide me with a bit more information.

    How do you have this monitor setup?

    • Single or Dual monitor setup?
    • What type of connection are you using?
    • What Video card are you using?


  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    I am using a dual monitor setup (the other monitor is mostly turned off anyway and when it is on I am using it for PS4 rather than PC anyway).


    I am using the DP connection


    It is a GeForce GTX780


    This is the post by another user who has had the exact same issue on 2 of these monitors after I asked about it on a forum, his screenshots show the exact same thing but his happens on the right side instead of the left:


  • Fr0stByte72Fr0stByte72 Member Posts: 2 New User

    Found this post googling.   Just to report I'm having the exact same issue.  If you power it off and back on it goes away.   Noticed this watching youtube the line down center of the screen and you can see some of the video on left edge of the screen.  


    Running same screen the 271HU and it with DP cable and on an EVGA Nvidia 980Ti.



  • MavinSadowMavinSadow Member Posts: 4 New User

    I also have the same problem. Comes and goes, sometimes does it in game but not on the desktop when I ctrl esc out, other times both, sometimes fixes itself.


    What is the solution for this? Running a GTX 980, updating drivers doesnt seem to help.

    Anyone tried a new cable to see if it helps the issue?

  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    I am using my own high quality cable on mine and tried the Acer one so its not the cable.


    I was running with ULMB at 120hz and noticed that on some images on websites it was making them look kinda odd, sort of grainy.  I turned off ULMB and it went away straight away.  That was 2 weeks ago and I have not had the middle of screen/overlapping issue a single time since either!!


    Is everyone else with this issue using ULMB?  try turning it off, it looks like some of these screens have some sort of fault with the ULMB from what I have now seen.  My original screen worked fine with ULMB on so its obviously not all of them but I am thinking the ones with this fault might all have some fault with the ULMB on them (maybe some sort of timing chip is a fraction out on some screens which would explain the odd grain i saw as well as the overlap).

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Administrator Posts: 1,449 Community Administrator

    Hmm, I've had my monitor going for almost a month now without seeing this issue. I'll try turning ULMB on and seeing if I can duplicate the issue.


  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    You can try, but as I said this is the second 271HU I have had and the first never had any issues so even if it is related to ULMB it obviously doesnt apply to all of them.


    If it starts doing it on yours then that is probably proof then that it is related to ULMB.  If it doesnt start doing it on yours then it might just be that yours is ok so doesnt prove it either way.


    When it does happen with ULMB on, I have had it go a day or two without seeing it so it might take a while.  It seems to be related to switching the display somehow as mine always appeared after coming out of standby and others say it appears when in games (which would cause changes in resolution etc) so it only happens when doing specific things and not just randomly while staring at it.

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Administrator Posts: 1,449 Community Administrator

    Understood. We've been watching and talking on this issue, but honestly, there are 3-4 cases that have been reported (that I see here and on overclock) so it seems specific to something, but I can't figure out what. The other issue is that it's not consistent, so I haven't asked for volunteers to send one in to our repair centers as they may not see it for several days, and generally aren't testing on the type of gaming equipement that we use every day.


  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    I am going to try putting ULMB back on and see if it starts happening again, it has been long enough now that it definitely doesnt happen with it turned off (a good 3 weeks) so if it starts again when I turn it back on then it is definitely ULMB related.

  • MavinSadowMavinSadow Member Posts: 4 New User

    I do not have ULMB on and I have never had it on.


    I turned down the hz from 144 to 120 to see if that has anything to do with it. I will also try a better cable to see if this helps my case. 

  • CRE4MPIECRE4MPIE Member Posts: 13

    I've seen a similar "line down the middle " when using dynamic super resolutions on my Nvidia GTX 980Ti with the Z35. Turn those off and run the monitor on the native resolution and see if the line disappears Smiley Happy 



  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    I havent used anything other than the native resolution so its not that

  • MavinSadowMavinSadow Member Posts: 4 New User

    I am only using native resolution also. 


    Tried new cable and changing hz but still have the same problem. 

  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    Ok I switched back to 120hz ULMB yesterday and just got my first line/overlapping image which I have not seen for weeks.  So I can only assume it is either related to 120hz, or related to ULMB, or related to combo of ULMB AND 120hz.  I have just dropped it to 100hz and will see what that does.

  • Fr0stByte72Fr0stByte72 Member Posts: 2 New User

    I'm running 2560x1440 at 144Hz via DP cable (one included with monitor).  I have ULMB off (never had it on) I haven't had the issue for past couple days but probably because I've now just turn monitor off whenever I leave the PC for something instead of relying on sleep mode as that is when I seem to see the issue.  Wish there was a consistant way to reproduce this issue would make it easier to fix possibly.

  • skunkle121skunkle121 Member Posts: 1

    I seem to be having the exact same issue.  Its hard to put a finger on what seems to be the cause because it seems to be very intermittent for me as well but it is always a line straight down the center of the screen as your picture indicates.  IT can not be correlating to ULMB though for I have never used it myself.   It must be something else.  Using the provided DP cable hooked to to 980ti as the only monitor connected to system.  I run monitor at native res of 2560x1440 at 144hz with Gsync on. 


    It is very troublesome no knowing if It is driver related or hardware related to monitor such as the gsync module.  Other than this issue this monitor has been amazing. 


    If anyone can shed more light on this or think of ways we users can do some testing to help narrow things down lets keep this thread alive till we can find a solution. 

  • PeowPeow Member Posts: 2

    Signed up just to post.


    I'm also having this exact same issue.  Purchased the monitor a week ago, its from the January production run.  


    Rig is:

    Devils Canyon I7 4690k

    ASUS ROG Maximus VII Ranger mobo


    Single monitor configuration, using the DP cable supplied with the monitor

    Monitor is running 144 Hertz with G-Sync enabled, and running desktop/games in native resolution.


    Had been running the above configuration with a 23" 1080p monitor for quite some time with no issues, its only since I added the 271HU that the issue has presented itself.  Sometimes alt-tabbing out of a game and back into it will clear it, sometimes turning the monitor on and off again will as well.  I havent seen it happen from when the monitor first comes on, for me it seems to just happen randomly when I'm working on it.  I'm probably going to be sending this monitor back for a replacement as there is a large amount of BLB in the lower right hand corner anyway but thought I would add to this thread.



  • PeowPeow Member Posts: 2

    So I just noticed that when the line down the middle thing happens the bit that's missing appears on the right edge of the screen as in the photo (sorry for the ***** quality)


    Hopefully someone from Acer is still looking into this and this helps.20160408_154942.jpg

  • Acer-CoryAcer-Cory Administrator Posts: 1,449 Community Administrator

    We are continuing to review. I don't have an update at this time, but I did want to jump in and let you know that we are working on this.


  • ewokukewokuk Member Posts: 9


    It seems to be specific monitors with the problem rather than specific setups.  I had another 271HU which never had this happen at all and it was plugged into the exact same setup with the exact same settings on it, it was also from the same batch, the sdame retailer, and both manufactured in October.


    The one I have now has only ever had the issue when I have ULMB turned on (at 120hz, I have not tried lower) and has not done it at all when I have ULMB turned off (at 144hz).  Others have the same issue but without ULMB on so I can't see a common theme in any of it, very odd.

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