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[Acer Swift 3 SF314-52] Occasional crackling/reverb sound while using the speakers


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  • mLeiermLeier Posts: 2Member New User
    Yup.  Me too.  So annoying.  I bought my Spin 5 SP513-52N about 6 weeks ago.  The problem started within the first week but as it is very time consuming to set up a new laptop, I did not want to return it.  I also cannot be without a laptop for the period of time that it would take to send the laptop in for repair.  I have tried all of the "fixes" listed in this forum and none of them last for more than a few days.  For me, it is still less annoying to have to restart my laptop every once in a while than to replace it or send it in get fixed.  I think it's ridiculous though that this has happened to so many people and seems to be a pretty well known issue and that Acer hasn't done something to fix it.  I love this laptop, but this has me very disappointed.
  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,190ACE Trailblazer
    @mLeier >>> I have tried all of the "fixes" listed in this forum and none of them last for more than a few days.  For me, it is still less annoying to have to restart my laptop every once in a while than to replace it or send it in get fixed.>>>

    Thanks for the report. So in your opinion, does the simple re-start last about as long as the other temporary "workarounds or fixes" mentioned in this thread for your SP513-52N model? Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • coops94coops94 Posts: 3Member New User
    Another user with the same issue checking in, can @David94 from the previous page please expand upon the solution you seem to have found, it's a bit unclear currently

    Are you referring to the 'power throttling' option in task manager?
  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,190ACE Trailblazer
    @coops94 Try sending @David94 a PM Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • David94David94 Posts: 4Member New User
    Hi everyone , These are the  drivers mentioned:

    You should click on them and select properties (on both) after that there should be a power management option where you should remove the tick:

    When i rebooted my device the tick came back i removed it again (2 or 3 times) i also checked for hardver changes and one day i saw that the tick was removed permanently. Sorry if my english is not the best and that the pics aren't in english but I'm hungarian :). If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask them. This problem must be an Acer problem caused by these two drivers I think ( I also read it in other forums).
  • coops94coops94 Posts: 3Member New User
    Thanks a lot @David94 I'll give this a go and hopefully it'll resolve the problem for good!

    I have had periods where the problem subsides for a week or two before coming back so hoping it is a permanent fix and it's not just by chance that it hasn't came back since in your case
  • David94David94 Posts: 4Member New User
    @coops94 I hope it solves it because it was very annoying i only bought my laptop about a month ago.
  • AniVGAniVG Posts: 1Member New User
    Hey guys
    Have the same problem and found this site with some suggestions on solutions. Tried a few of them and so far seems to be working.. As many have stated this seems to be a software issue and not hardware. Try them and see if it works for you too. Fingers crossed!


    Good luck people!
  • CC325CC325 Posts: 1Member New User
    I also have the Swift 3 and am having the same problem. Not super computer savvy. Any update on a way to fix this? I did the whole troubleshoot and it has temporarily fixed the problem but I have a feeling it will not be a permanent solution
  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,190ACE Trailblazer
    @CC325>>>Any update on a way to fix this? I did the whole troubleshoot and it has temporarily fixed the problem but I have a feeling it will not be a permanent solution >>>

    Well, like @AniVG   said, keep your fingers crossed it is permanent. Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ
  • szopinszopin Posts: 11Member


    Same issue on a predator helios 300, going to try David's suggestion as all others have failed (downgrading drivers, replacing equalizer and removing dolby etc etc) sounds like it could be it, as there is a distinct crackling sound when the issue starts to happen and is always after continuing a paused video, or starting new one, so PC powering it down and up causing it could be it, or sounds plausible. In same boat here, waiting 1-2 weeks for a repair is just not an option
  • szopinszopin Posts: 11Member


    Btw as David has hungarian screenshots the Intel Smart Sound options I have in english are:
    Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller
    (this one gets its checkmark back after every reset, tried 5 times so far)
    Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) OED
    (here removal of checkmark persists between resets)
    fingers crossed

  • coops94coops94 Posts: 3Member New User
    David's solution has worked for me so far, haven't had the crackling problem since (about 18 days now)
  • David94David94 Posts: 4Member New User
    A little warning. Do not upgrade to the latest verison of the win 10 it ruins the graphic driver.
  • wolfywolfy Posts: 11Member


    i have a brand new  swift 3 SF 315-51G, (week old) with the 8250 cpu and nvidia MX150  and this happened to me the other day , but not come back since ,played Destiny 2 yester day without any problems  bios V1.05
  • MoeZackMoeZack Posts: 1Member New User
    edited May 2018
    This works for me.. Try this first.
    1) Right-click the sound icon at the bottom right corner of your desktop and select Playback devices. 
    2) Highlight your default audio device, which should have a green tick on its icon, then click Properties.
    3) Go to the Advanced tab. Select from the drop-down box 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). Then click Apply and OK to save the change.
    4) If CD Quality option fails to help you solve the popping sound issue, try to choose another audio format and see what happens.

    Thanks to this site.. (Option #1).  ( ** If needed, please update driver from Windows 10 Device Manager instead, and NOT from this site)

  • ZenquiorraZenquiorra Posts: 2Member New User
    Ok, So I bought Swift 3 , the 315 version yesterday and here I am having the same audio issues as shown in the Video 1.
    Any Update on how to fix this?
  • JackEJackE Posts: 19,190ACE Trailblazer
    @Zenquiorra Have you tried any of the suggestions earlier in this thread. If yes, and none of them work, I suggest you return the machine to the vendor for a refund ASAP if you find this issue is unacceptable. Jack E/NJ
    Jack E/NJ
  • pingu17blackpingu17black Posts: 4Member New User
    this solution has helped me so far!! 2 hours and no crackling!
  • KharosKharos Posts: 1Member New User
    My solution was simple but so far working. Since I had the same exact problem I was testing different methods and solutions in conclusion of the problem is the driver itself. Since the laptops own speakers did the same crackling as the headphones input, I was sure it's not hardware problem but mainly a driver (because 2 simple clicking of disable and enable the speakers won't fix hardware problems so that was out of the way).

    The next thing I was testing, what if I mess with the drivers. So I did, looked up a guide that was perfectly fine for me, and never ever had a problem again since. And honestly it makes a lot of sense. 

    Don't worry guys, no need to send your laptops with warranty to customer services, you can do it simply.

    Here you can see I have double High Definition Audio driver. That's because you need to get rid of the Realtek High Definition Audio driver, and that's what we attend to do here, since it does the crackling and it is set as recommanded driver. So what we need to do is the following. (Sorry for the language but I guess you can figure it out but I will comment it nonetheless.)

    So here imagine the second second audio is the Realtek one, so you need to do this with the Realtek one. Right click, and check for updates.

    On this step click on the second option. You need to browse on the local drivers.

    Here click on the browse from the list.

    And this is the last step here, you will see different drivers on this list (currently I have only done since I've done it), and you need to choose the High Definiton Audio (NO REALTEK INCLUDED). Never Realtek remember. Then finish the steps, check done in the end.

    After all you will have double of this audio driver on your list, but don't worry, we just overwrite that driver.


    You gonna need to uninstall the Realtek driver from your machine since we only overwrote the driver, but never uninstalled it. This step is just making sure the beast never comes back again.

    So the last and finisher step is to uninstall the Realtek High Definition Audio from your machine. Type uninstall in your search bar and open your uninstaller program. Here you will find in the probably multiple Realtek stuff (I had 2) but probably only one. You need to uninstall the Realtek High Definition Audio in order to make sure it never comes back again. I have here another realtek stuff, but that's a card reader and you don't need anything else just the audio one.

    You may probably will see in the windows update that Realtek Semindocutor Corp. wants to install some program after that, let me tell you... it's the Realtek High Definition Audio, nothing else... sad but true, Windows tries to install it back unless you do it manually and that's their recommanded driver for all kind of Windows machine I guess. (Not into these stuff)

    So that is for all step by step. It worked for me perfectly. And that's why I want to share this, since this problem was so frustrating at some point that I had to look up, test and publish this now. You don't need to send to customer service and stuff, because this problem is so specific that they probably don't deal with it but pull your system over again which will do nothing... believe me they usually don't know this kind of specific problems, only generally repairing stuff.

    Peace, take care. <3 (less than three)
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