My new under warranty Windows 11 ACER Aspire 5 AMD RYZEN 5000 Series laptop randomly crashes.

LK2023LK2023 Member Posts: 4 New User

Regardless what I'm doing or when I'm doing anything, the device automatically, without warning, goes black, and then restarts on its own. I lose everything I was working on.

This happens sometimes 2-3 times in a day, sometimes no crashes for 2-3 days. I already reinstalled Windows, and I already reset the computer. Drivers are all up-to-date. Tried a lot have advice from online and from my own support, but nothing seems to correct this ongoing and frustrating issue. The device is only 4 months old and have had this problem since week 1.
Does anyone have similar experiences? Any ideas? Any info. would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • PurawPuraw Member Posts: 1,887 Community Aficionado
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    Return the laptop to your retailer and ask for a new laptop, alternatively bring/send the laptop to Acer Services in your country to reinstall everything to factory settings. You should not have to RESET or Clean install Windows11 on a laptop that came with Windows11 installed.

  • LK2023LK2023 Member Posts: 4 New User

    Thank you! 🙂 Will bring to ACER Repair Service as the laptop (if anyone is wondering: Windows 11 Home 22H2 version; Model Aspire A515-45) was bought about 4 months ago. Problem since the beginning. Never brought back to store as I was getting ACER support through AnswersBy (paid support for my other out-of-warranty devices and this warranty device). AnswersBY thought it may have been a software problem. With the random crashes, I needed a couple weeks to test and see the results every time I tried something (re-install Windows, reset device, update BIOS, update Drivers, etc... It's been a long and unnecessary process for a new computer. Next time if I buy a device with issues, I'll just return to the store to save all this hassle.

    I hope they can fix the issue as I never experienced this kind of problem with any of my other computers over the years, including my other ACER laptop (5 years old, Windows 10, Intel Core i3 processor - no issues). I'm bit skeptical they can fix from reading some other people's experiences, and the device randomly shuts down and restarts automatically. 😕 It will take a bit of patience from them to diagnose the problem if they are serious about repairing.

    And, I read that people are having issues with the AMD RYZEN 5000 Series 7 processor after the latest updates.

    I will keep this conversation posted on the findings.

  • LK2023LK2023 Member Posts: 4 New User

    I am not sure it will be fixed. I sent the defective "new under warranty Windows 11 ACER Aspire 5 AMD RYZEN 5000 Series laptop that randomly crashes" to the repair center. After less than 2 days, they only re-installed Windows 11 and checked different "parts" and found nothing wrong.

    I haven't received my laptop back yet, but I am sceptical they didn't do a thorough check. I already reinstalled Windows 11, and I already RESET my device during the 3.5 months I have had this computer. And, it still crashes. I regret not returning it to the store since I have problems since week 1.

    I'll see when I get the computer back, but I am pessimistic as they seemed to have rushed the check up. and they found "nothing wrong". So why does it crash and restart automatically in front of me, or when I come back from lunch to find all my apps gone as it crashed and restarted on its own showing only my desktop and no apps that were previously opened? It is random, and doesn't matter what I am doing on the device. It happens anytime, sometimes an hour after turning on, sometimes after severla hours, sometimes after 2 or 3 days. Can not trust it!

    It's a frustrating experience that has wasted A LOT of my time. I don't trust ACER. I hope I'm wrong when I get the computer back and test again myself, but I have a bad feeling about this.

  • StevenGenStevenGen ACE Posts: 6,754 Pathfinder
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    Just to give you some constructive advice, as this exact thing happened to my brand-new Nitro 5 AN515-56 when I got it, and the reason for the premature restarts like you are experiencing was because I had an old Zalman laptop cooler that has a USB hub that I connected to the new laptop, and the USB ports of the Zalman hub, was shortening the laptop out and making it restart. So if you have any old USB hub or any peripherals connected to your laptop, that is the main cause of the laptop restarting, this is what happened to me and when I disconnected this old Zalam laptop cooler and its2.0 USB hub the laptop never ever restarted again, btw I have a new 3.0 USB gaming mouse connected to the laptop, and that USB does not make the laptop restart, as the laptop works perfectly to this day with 3.0, USB-C peripherals, and that is 16 months later😁good luck and hope my advice has helped you out as new laptops should never ever restart for no reason, unless the laptops motherboard was defective and has its main power stage that is faulty, that causes this restart fault, as what Acer techs will do, is they will replace the Aspire 5s motherboard with a new one.

  • LK2023LK2023 Member Posts: 4 New User

    Thanks for the comment and suggestion. I do appreciate the feedback.

    I have two problems: a defective laptop and poor support from ACER.

    Regarding my defective laptop, anything I use (apps and hardware connected) with this laptop I also use with my other laptops. My other laptops have ZERO issues. Only this new, defective laptop has issues from week 1.

    ACER has "repaired" my laptop and closed the case. It seemsed to be a rush "repair". I should be getting my defective laptop back soon. The problem is I don't believe they made any genuine effort to repair thei product as they said they found "nothing wrong". They only re-installed Windows 11 and worked on some "parts" (no details provided). Poor effort from my point of view. There is no mention of any hardware replaced. I truly believe it is a bad motherboard, but I am no expert. I don't believe ACER support/repair staff are much of experts either from my experience. It makes me think twice before buying any more ACER products in the future!

    I am going to have to fight tooth and nail with ACER on this issue. Customers shouldn't have to go through this. It's not good business.

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