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Windows 8, Wifi connection limited every 5-10mins. new ASPIRE V5-471p touch.

Windows 8, Wifi connection limited every 5-10mins. I brought a brand new ASPIRE V5-471p touch. 

Before I report this to store i brought, i tried searching and found out alot of people having this problem, so i'm assuming this is software/OS/ driver problem. Kindly give me a permanent advice before I report this to store, which I doubt they know how to fix.


PS: please give me a permanent solution soon as possible as I have work online need a stable connection.



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  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    Update your Atheros wireless driver to which should be available on the V5-471 drivers.


    Uninstall first, then install the new driver. 


    Please let us know how this works for you.

  • simbasimba Posts: 1Member

    I bought a new Acer V5 471P 5 days ago and I have the same problem. I installed the Live Updater application and it showed only a intel vga driver as an update and did not include the Atheros WLAN driver. I searched the acer site for the driver and found this driver under a different laptop model. Before i uninstall the driver and install the new version which i found for a different model, I wanted to post here just to be sure. I am not sure if this new driver will work.

  • Acer-TommyAcer-Tommy Posts: 6,317Member Seasoned Specialist

    The V5-471 series should have the .217 driver listed. 

    I will report to the appropriate people to have the P versions corrected with that driver.


    It should work just fine for you.

  • juandonjuandon Posts: 1Member

    I bought this V5 471PG last weekend, all week Ive been blaming the Missus and her galaxy tab for cutting off my wifi

    The new driver appears to have worked. its been continuous for a good half hour now.

    Why did it tell me on network driver update that the previous one (909) was the best driver for this laptop ?

    It would also be nice if Acer got off their hands and actually got the stores to advise their customers about this common problem, although i do see how that could backfire.


    Also, where the keypad sits in this laptop, its not flush at the top right, and i cant click it in,it pops back up.

    I wonder if others have that problem ?


    Apart from that, quite happy with it



  • kokminkokmin Posts: 1Member

    I also have the same problem. My current version that come with the notebook is Where and how do I install the new .217 version?

  • jlozanojlozano Posts: 1Member



    Good night


    I own an Acer Aspire V5-471 with the Atheros Wifi Chipset, after I have updated the driver to .217 version , the issue continues. I usually work in Google drive, so everytime, each 5 minutes the connection drops. As well as people who bought this laptop I want this to be fixed, or I will return this model laptop because its annoying.


    Help us please

  • dracoredracore Posts: 5Member

    Everyone check out this thread:




    Basically the main thread for all wifi connection limited issues on S7, V3, V5


    So far the consensus is when you have the following drivers:


    217 - does not solve the problem

    217v3 - does not solve the problem

    222 - does not solve the problem




  • stowelltstowellt Posts: 7Member

    Since going to v222 and powersaving mode off I have not had a single drop.

  • ricardo123ricardo123 Posts: 1Member

    Uninstall the wireless adapter and delete the old driver. Install the new driver exe file from the downloaded folder. IMPORTANT: Check with the manufacturer of the wireless router if your model is compatible with Windows 8 and update the firmware. Older wireless routers do not work right with Windows 8.

  • gabrieleformicigabrieleformici Posts: 11Member

    I've been trying to solve this problem since January. Till they release 218 driver nothing works.

    Just now I've changed wifi channel and seems working better (not solved yet)...

  • liverjuiceliverjuice Posts: 1Member

    I have an acer v5-571p (windows 8 touchscreen) I had the same issue as noted in this forum with a constant loss of network connection **limited**.  At first i tried to 'repair' the drive before unistalling it, that didnt work, so i uninstalled the drive, connected the computer with a LAN connection and downloaded the most recent driver for my system.  My connection has not missed a beat since the re-instalment 

  • spiginispigini Posts: 5Member

    I have the same problem on my M5-581T.  I opened it up to see if I can locate the card itself that way I can just replace it with a Intel WiFi card and not deal with this BS anymore.  I took everything out besides the mobo and didn't see it, so i'm assuming for what ever reason it is under the mobo.  Anybody else open up their ultrabook to see if they can find the card?

  • gabrieleformicigabrieleformici Posts: 11Member

    I read that sbd managaed to open it and noticed that two cable are inverted...

    I don' know if it's true or not because acer doesn't want to asnwer me

  • spiginispigini Posts: 5Member

    On mine they weren't inverted. 

  • christophechristophe Posts: 5Member

    Keep smiling, more broken wifi out there :


    Acer Iconia W700 Wi-Fi problem - Acer Support Community

    WIFI keep dropping internet connection - Acer Support Community

    Aspire S7 - 391 Wifi problems - Acer Support Community

    Aspire V5 531/571 wi-fi problems - Acer Support Community

    Windows 8, Wifi connection limited every 5-10mins.... - Acer Support Community


    So, Mister Acer, owner of this Acer Forum, where are you ?

    When are you finished exploring "beyond limits" so that you can reply on this ???

    Are you handling this issue of today or should we, acer customers, also explore beyond ?


    PS Where is "beyond limits" (I do not know that country, but is seems pretty warm since you're not returning any of our cries for help)

  • firdausfirdaus Posts: 1Member

    please help us !!!!!

  • apletizerapletizer Posts: 1Member

    just bought my v5 471g last week. wifi keeps on disconnecting every few minutes. now updating to hope this works.

  • HK53THK53T Posts: 767Member

    I see there is .225 up loading on the drivers.  Anyone try that?

  • gci507gci507 Posts: 1Member


    Just wanted to know what driver and what exe file did you install ?


    FYI, I downloaded the Atheros driver dated 03-2013, but such zip file did not contain any EXE file after complete extraction.


    Does anyone have a link url that could, perhaps, point me in the right direction ?


    Thank you in advance.


    Tony Valdes 

  • RehanRehan Posts: 3Member

    I have an Acer M5 with Windows 8 and I have been having this limited Wifi connection issue where a yellow box appears on the signal bars and clicking on it says "Limited Connection". This mostly happens if I don't use the internet for a minute or two but this is really irritating and I want to fix this.

    Can you tell me what to do to fix this?

  • Shi_NinjaShi_Ninja Posts: 1Member
    After 6 days of trying just about every fix I could find on the internet with no luck. I finally uninstalled the driver for the wireless network adopter (do not deleted it just uninstall)
    Then reboot your computer
    Click on your wireless icon and connect
    Once your connected go to the acer support website and download the latest driver
    Once download is finish up the zip file and run the set up. Once that is finally finish reboot your computer when promoted
    And that should solve the issue. I've been connected now for about 3 hours and no problems
  • Rick864Rick864 Posts: 1Member

    Have an Acer V5-571P touch screen and have the same extremely frustrating problem. I've tried every solutions that I've seen posted but have yet to resolve it. Hopefully the one here will work.

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