My Acer Predator 15 (G9-593) CPU reaches 98°C when rending/converting videos, any advice?

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I am starting to produce videos and I really like to do it but the CPU temperature seems making it impossible for me to do it. I also using FrostCore, laptop cooler and maximise fan speed but my CPU temp still doesn't cool off even my environment. I also playing high-end games with maximum settings but it didn't reached 80°C in playing longer time. Funny thing is I don't even have problems rendering/converting in my another laptop (Acer Aspire VX15 - VX5 - 591G) and the temperature didn't even reached 70°C. I hope someone specialist can help me for my problem, I don't have spare money to replace my CPU and stuff.


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    This is my screenshots, sorry I forgot to include it in my first post,



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    I have same problem when playing games on Helios 300 (CPU reaching 99 degrees). You can try to reduce the maximum processor state from the power options to 90% for example. You can try with different % depending on the results you get. With that method you will reduce significantly the temperature sacrificing negligible performance. I manage to resolve my problem that way.  Another option is to undervolt the CPU.
    Good luck :)
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    @Franzinatr I agree with @MrGrudev, he is right. Those are your best bets.

    Also a decently powerful, perhaps even 4-5 fan active cooling pad can make around a 4-8 degrees Celsius difference for when you're using the laptop for heavy load tasks.

    Additionally, I've heard that the laptop Predator models might have sub-par thermal pasting jobs done out of the factory.

    I plan on re-pasting with either my syringe arctic mx-4 thermal compound that i used some of for my previous laptop (Acer aspire 5750g) with nice results, or even risking a meticulous application of a liquid metal compound - In two years that though, as I don't want to lose my warranty...

    So it's conjecture that the current pasting might be sub standard...won't know until I check and it won't be soon...but going by others' accounts online...there may be some truth to it.

    Till then (and if the black screen issue is solved and I don't have to return the unit...) undervolting, CPU state lowering and cooling pad got me a solid 20-25 degrees Celsius reduction while gaming (from ~85 to around a steady ~60, on high settings at 60 fps, and video rendering hovers at around the same mark, perhaps a few degrees warmer, but 70 max, not nearing or surpassing 90...)
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    Get an external USB fan, and increase the laptop feet by about half an inch. Focus the external usb fan to the area north of function keys. This would reduce the temps by about 5-10 degrees. Leave atleast a few inches gap between the air vent any wall or anything that might be behind it. If you are connected to external monitor, when doing processor intensive work, keep the lip open.
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    Thank you very much for the answers, unfortunately no one can solve my problems (yes, I did all of the answers here) even the acer support,


    I just replaced thermal paste on CPU and the temperature gradually drops from 98c to 60c (while rendering/converting videos).

    But still, thank you for all the support here in the community.