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ThrottleStop Undervolt Profiles Pre-Made



  • WIckedSIckWIckedSIck Member Posts: 56 Devotee
    edited February 4

    Hey guys!

    Recently i made a configuration of Throttlestop for 9750h (My rig is AN515-54)

    It works like a charm, most of the times my fans run at like 2k speed and really silent. really helps with thermal throttling and stutters!

    There are 4 plans: Battery, Gaming, High-end gaming, and only for benchmark.

    Since most of the games aren't really that CPU hungry, I turned off the turbo on "Battery" and "Gaming" plans, thus temperatures declined really good. though, in case of if needed, you can switch to power plan "High-end gaming" and use a high CPU power.


    1: download the app:

    2: Copy the config to extracted folder

    3: Use this tutorial( ) to make the app launch automatically.

  • Red-SandRed-Sand ACE Posts: 1,889 Pathfinder

    Neat! What UV (core/cache/PL) did you apply?

    Can you give us some details to the config?

    - Hotel Hero
  • WIckedSIckWIckedSIck Member Posts: 56 Devotee
    edited February 9

    Thank you :)

    Cpu core: -150.4 mv

    CPU cache: -135 mv

    They are all in the config i provided, you can just copy and replace it and all configs will load to your app.

  • mycodemycode Member Posts: 1 New User
  • dadbodgamerdadbodgamer Member Posts: 1 New User
    edited February 19

    i already have a throttlestop before but i want to use the settings/configuration for i5 8300h that you've made here as i'm not having good results, should i just extract and overwrite everything to my existing throttlestop folder?.

    Laptop specs:

    HP Pavilion 15 gaming

    cpu: i5 8300h

    gpu: 1050ti

    16gb ram

    ssd 1tb & 500gb

  • alver0318alver0318 Member Posts: 6 New User

    Can anyone help mw? My laptop is Helios 300 PH315 52 52mx

    I already tried many combination in undervolting my laptop using throttlestop I evem use the premade settings here in the 1st page, but nothing happens, I dont see any temperature difference when using my laptop for surfing, gaming etc I mean its like there is no undervolt whatsoever, like I really did nothing. I even tried lowering the voltage to the max limit that my device can handle before going into bsod.

    And by the way when my laptop was srill new I also tried this undervolt in theottlestop still it didont have any effect on the temperature, every once in a while for the past 3 years, I am always trying to undervolt my laptop but no effect in the temperature like the theottlestop is not working.

    Any fix on this one? Tried many premade settings, even the one above this thread.

  • alver0318alver0318 Member Posts: 6 New User

    Hello sir @xapim can you help me on my problem, I quote it above this message dated oct 27 2022

    I still cant find any

  • alver0318alver0318 Member Posts: 6 New User

    Hello sir undervolting does nothing to my device no temp dofference even if I use your premade settings or I also tried many combination and tinkering with the voltage offset still no effect its like my device is not undervolted

    What do you think is the problem thank you please

  • Ezequiel77Ezequiel77 Member Posts: 1 New User

    Greetings to all this great and helpful community

    Thank you all Guys, also to the OP, for sharing his knowledge and everyone here collaborating with those premade profiles.

    I know little about properly configuring Throttlestop and i've seen that these profiles were made with Thrrottlestop Version 8.5 in mind,
    i've been trying to use this profile into my system on the newest version 9.5 but there are some files inside that won't be used or at least is what i think , WinRing0x64 , Winring0 which are these files for?

    Btw my system is an Asus Aspire VX15 VX5 591G , my processor is an Intel i5 7300HQ and my GPU is a GTX 1050 Mobile. Is there anyone with this same specs or similar who could guide me into setting this profiles into the new version of TS?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Jump_Jump_JumpJump_Jump_Jump Member Posts: 15 Troubleshooter

    which one works on acer nitro 5 (i5, 1650 gtx) windows 11?

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