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ThrottleStop Undervolt Profiles Pre-Made



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    xapim said:
    ynwa1227 i dont have the information if i had it i would had posted it the OP posted it in the thread so either you look for it or search the predator fb group (since you said you dont use FB thats not really anyones issue) dont expect anyone would do the work for you  someone (the OP) already lost many weeks testing and getting the proper TS confs for the different cpus/hardware (this means you need to have access to a physical machine at all times) so you need to look it up im certainly not going to :p its there do some reading its good for the brain :)

    PS: still seems some (most) ppl do not appreciate the hard work and time taken here to put all this together its unfortunate.
    Red-Sand said:
    ynwa1227 said:
    There's no way you're asking me to sift through 29 pages of this thread when you've already had the information   :D

    i5 version

    This good or do you need the i7?
    i've found that a few days ago. sorry i guess i was just pi ssed cuz the only config missing was the 9300h one 😆
  • amandasantos2553amandasantos2553 Member Posts: 13


    Red-Sand said:

    http: ThrottleStop Pre-Configured Setups

    I've compiled a bundle of ThrottleStop configurations for various CPU types.
    Each of these downloads are specific to the CPU listed and come pre-setup to optimum undervolt, Speed Shift EPP, power limits and other various tweaks.

    Each setup has energy governance for while plugged in and on battery:
    Profiles will automatically switch between AC and battery profiles when you plug or unplug your laptop.

    Since the Nvidia GPU switches to "Powermizer" mode while on battery, the battery CPU profiles were adjusted accordingly to maintain proper performance and battery efficiency.

    Note: Nothing negative can happen to your system from using these configurations. 
    At worst case - Your laptop will reboot but no damage would have been done (I have yet to see this happen from my files)
    These configurations can be used even if your Predator Sense has undervolting built in.

    These profiles may cause certain games to lose a few FPS but drop temperatures variably between 5-20 C.

    While I have tested these profiles extensively, that doesn't guarantee that your system will accept it without issue.
    Variables such as tweaks you've imposed yourself could cause conflicts with unknown effects.
    Please proceed with caution.

    How to use these files:
    1. Simply download (& extract if required) the folder signatured with the same CPU you have in your system and place it in "My Documents"
    2. Open the folder and run the "Throttlestop.exe" and you're done. (Yes really it's that simple)

    i5-8300Hi7-8750Hi5-9300H (Coming Soon)
    In progress (I do not have a system with this CPU at this time to test)

    How to set Throttlestop to auto startup at boot

    Once you have tested thoroughly the Throttlestop configurations you've downloaded (And by thoroughly I mean HOURS of gaming or high productivity use) you can set Throttlestop to automatically start at system boot up by following this guide to create a task schedule. I have yet to see any issues arise from using my setups.

    Example photo of Before & After Throttlestop

    Let me know in the comments below your results and if you have any questions!

    Hello @Red-Sand

    I have used this Throttlestop preconfig for a month now for i7-9750H and i am having a good temp while playing games. My problem is that when I restart my laptop, sometimes it gives BSOD (image below) and when I checked the Event Viewer just to know what was causing it, it shows from log below:
    Log from Event Viewer:
    The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000050 (0xffffffffffffffd0, 0x0000000000000002, 0xfffff802714dff26, 0x0000000000000002). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP.
    So when i checked the the file MEMORY.DMP by using WinDbg(x64) and have it analyzed, The result shows that the cause was RvDrv.sys.

    SYMBOL_NAME:  RwDrv+10ac
    IMAGE_NAME:  RwDrv.sys
    STACK_COMMAND:  .thread ; .cxr ; kb
    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  AV_INVALID_RwDrv!unknown_function
    OS_VERSION:  10.0.19041.1
    BUILDLAB_STR:  vb_release
    OSNAME:  Windows 10
    FAILURE_ID_HASH:  {ae756325-cc7f-ed1f-de9c-cc341d0821f6}
    Followup:     MachineOwner

    When I googled the RwDrv.sys - it is related to Throttlestop.

    BSOD Image:

    I did not make any changes to the pre-config i7-9750H throttlestop.

    Can anyone help? 

    Thanks in advance

    Im using 
    Predator Helios 300 PH315-52-766x

    Do you still have the files? I used to use the configuration for the i7-9750H, but I had to reset my laptop :c
  • juro94xjuro94x Member Posts: 1 New User
    Hello @Red-Sand

    I can't download the 9750h version from Gdrive, as there's exe file inside the zip, which is being recognized as virus. Could you please upload this somewhere else? 

    Thank you in advance! 
  • xapimxapim ACE Posts: 7,183 Pathfinder
    juro94x again as i have said so many times its already posted in this thread read it its there how many times does he have to repost it over and over again :)

    UserBenchmarks: Game 43%, Desk 61%, Work 40%
    CPU: Intel Core i5-7300HQ - 63.5%
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 1050-Ti (Mobile) - 41.9%
    SSD: WDC WDS200T2B0B-00YS70 2TB - 71.4%
    HDD: WD WD10SPZX-00HKTT0 1TB - 93.7%
    RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR4 2666 C15 2x16GB - 76.8%
    MBD: Acer Predator G3-572

    I'm not an Acer employee. (just here to help in the best way i can)
    If my answer fixed you issue please accept it for any other users who search for it would find it quickly thanks :)
    If you want to learn more about undervolting/optimizing windows join the Predator fb group and youtube channel:

    Owner/Admin (HOTEL HERO/Red-Sand/Opoka Opoka)
    Acer support:  

  • shandor22shandor22 Member Posts: 3 New User
    Each setup has energy governance for while plugged in and on battery:
    Profiles will automatically switch between AC and battery profiles when you plug or unplug your laptop.

    Since the Nvidia GPU switches to "Powermizer" mode while on battery, the battery CPU profiles were adjusted accordingly to maintain proper performance and battery efficiency.
  • DavidHatonDavidHaton Member Posts: 1 New User
    It seem like I got BSOD when trying to open TS and after checking the dump file I found out that rwdrv.sys was the cause of it.. but I found a way to avoid that by ticking off the "Disable and Lock Turbo Power Limits" in FIVE but what I want to know is that does it cause any problem if I disable the "Disable and Lock Turbo Power Limits"?
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