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XB271HK Flickering

cp262808cp262808 Posts: 6Member
edited March 2018 in Predator Monitors

Just purchased this monitor from Newegg and it was great for a few days. After having for a week now I have noticed it will occasionally flicker on about half of the screen for no reason. Not sure what is causing this but am afraid I'll have to RMA to be safe that it doesn't get any worse. anyone else had this issue?

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  • Acer-MannyAcer-Manny Posts: 1,644

    Acer Crew

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    Hi all,

    We would like to apologize again to all users who are experiencing the reported issue with their monitor. Unfortunately, the LCD panel would need to be replaced at a local Acer service center to resolve this issue. If you are experiencing the reported issue, we encourage you to contact your local Acer support team for assistance getting your monitor setup for repair.  We will be closing this thread with this post listed as the official solution. If you are still experiencing the issue after having your LCD panel replaced, we encourage you to send us a private message or create a new topic in the community so we can look into it further.

    If you need intimidate technical assistance please go to https://www.acer.com/worldwide/ and select the country of your location, under the support tab you can find the available service centers and technical support phone numbers.

    Best Regards,



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  • cp262808cp262808 Posts: 6Member


  • LeotronikLeotronik Posts: 1Member

    Hey I have the same monitor from Newegg (refurbished) and it's doing the same thing I think. On the left half of the screen there's this weird flicker for a split second. I've only noticed it when I'm watching Amazon Prime Video full screen. What about you?

  • cp262808cp262808 Posts: 6Member

    I've only noticed mine while on the desktop and its only for a split second as well. Cant seem to recreate it but it shows up on occasion.

  • cp262808cp262808 Posts: 6Member

    Ordered a new DP cable today will arrive tomorrow and Ill update this when I check it out. Hopefully its just the cable really loving this monitor.

  • RidingTheFlowRidingTheFlow Posts: 93Member Fixer

    This is not a cable issue(or GPU, or anything external).

    This is the same as with its bigger 4K 32" brother XB321HK - e.g. https://community.acer.com/t5/Predator-Monitors/XB321HK-Weird-Artifact/td-p/441879


    This is most likely flaw in 2x2K TCON they use on these panels. Its also happens on BenQ BL3201PT which does not even have g-sync, but same panel - https://hardforum.com/threads/benq-bl3201pt-4k-monitor.1832828/


  • cp262808cp262808 Posts: 6Member

    Yep this sounds like the exact same issue I'm having. It wouldnt be so bad if the monitor was not so expensive but for the price I expect better. 

  • xb321userxb321user Posts: 14Member

    i have the same problem with the xb321hk, i'm bringing this to attention as of this moment, so now it's not just the 32inch models

  • ZataraZatara Posts: 3Member

    I have the same issue on my XB321HK - which looks like a brief flash of corruption on half the screen.  Seems most common on the desktop.

  • xb321userxb321user Posts: 14Member

    it's obvious at this point, that the XB271HK & XB321HK all suffer from this (every manufactured build date model as far as i know), there's not alot of complaints because there's not alot of owners out of there who own these models, and doing nothing about it isn't a solution to the problem.


    the problem sounds like something that a firmware patch could correct, but first we need to bring it to attention, i strongly advise we make a sticky about this and have every user who browses this forum as a guest in regards to similar problems, sign up and please describe what manufacture date & model you own and if you suffer from the same problem.

    because at this point i'm betting every monitor has this defect, and until acer admits that it exists we will get no support for it, and they'll do nothing about it, who's the say in the future they wont pull the same kinda thing again. so if anybody has this problem (or not), kindly tell us your model and manufacture build date located on the back, this is the only way we will ever get a fix for this, but if you have no problem spending your hard earned money and enjoy that disgusting corruption almost every day, all the while knowing the company knows about it and wants to do nothing to solve it, by all means carry on



    i own a XB321HK - feburary 2016 build date


    i get the half screen corruption on desktop and during gaming, sometimes it switches sides, so it's not always on the left



    i advise members in here to start posting info as well about there models, and i'm also curious about people with newer builds, maybe the issue was corrected?


    when enough people make posts about the problem, acer will no longer be able to deny it and be forced to correct the matter, if your reading this then you obviously know whats going on and here's your chance to take it to new heights, otherwise nothing will be done.





  • iandomiandom Posts: 1Member

    Every so often (once or twice a day) my XB271HK just gives an instant flicker - an impression of fine coloured lines vertically on one half of the screen.  Purchased late 2016.   Happens with both my desktop (DP connected with G-Sync) and a laptop (HDMI connected).


    My son has a slightly newer XB271HK that does something similar. 

  • Nate23Nate23 Posts: 1Member

    Last week I Purchased a brand new 'Acer Predator XB271HK bmiprz' and I'm getting a flash of vertical artifacts on occasion, about once per day. Last time I noticed it was primarily on the right side. Manufacture date Nov 2016. This is the first 4k monitor that I've owned so I don't know if this is a common problem for them in general. I would like to not have to return it, I already had to return the 1440p model that I bought with this one because of a dead pixel. It is subtle and infrequent enough that I can accept it, but if this is completely not typical then I would prefer to get it replaced. If anyone has any advice for returning or not, please reply. Return policies only last so long.

  • EamonEamon Posts: 5Member


    I also purchased a brand new Acer Predator XB271HK. 

    Getting the exact same problems as everyone else. Since it's not too frequent it's not a game-changing problem, however it is unacceptable considering its price.


    If it isn't a hardware fault, can be fixed with a firmware update, then Acre need to take notice and fix this. I'm going to call up Acer tomorrow to try and get this sorted out.

  • LeonBirgerLeonBirger Posts: 2Member

    Hello everyone, got my monitor a week ago, 2017 year build and guess what? It flickers Smiley Very Happy Sent an e-mail today to Acer and asked for advice, asked to explain what it is and what's their plans to rectify this issue, was told to call tech support(no e-mial given) and ticket get closed... haha what a service... so will try tomorrow. So far I will keep it for another few weeks to see on the behaviour. To be hones it is an awesome monitor, just this flickering... Does anyone noticed if it starts to flicker more often with a time?


    Also I have noticed the following: 1) when I change monitor option "Wide Mode", screen gets this corruption everytime I press button to change the mode to the following option. Also when turnig monitor off with a button that is next to the cable - simillar corruption. 

  • LeonBirgerLeonBirger Posts: 2Member

    Hello Eamon, so did you get any answer from Acer? Please share info Smiley Happy Thanks

  • EamonEamon Posts: 5Member


    Hey Leon, I actually haven't put in the effort to do anything apart from posting in this forum lol. Mainly due to work consuming my life.


    I've tried just messing with the settings to fix the issue but to no avail. I should probably start a ticket too.

  • RidingTheFlowRidingTheFlow Posts: 93Member Fixer

     Its the same issue with AUO 4K panel electronics as on XB321HK and other monitors which use these panels (even non-gsync ones).




    Don't count of anything coming out of contacting Acer. Issue have been reported for year+ now and Acer still claims they can't reproduce it.

    If you still within return period, return the monitor. Otherwise you will have to accept and live with it.


  • towittowit Posts: 1Member


    My XB271HK is from september 2016 and a also have flickering randomly a few times a day. 

    I change diplay-port cable and nothing change.

  • cp262808cp262808 Posts: 6Member

    Just to update,


    I have since returned this monitor in favor of a refurbished ASUS version of this monitor and it has the exact same issue. Seems to be an industry wide issue.

  • brokengundambrokengundam Posts: 1Member

    Was there a solution to this problem?  I have been using the monitor for the last few days, and there is an occasional flash/flicker of the left 1/3 of the screen.  

  • InfinityGBInfinityGB Posts: 1Member

    Im having the same issue as all of you are having aswell i bought the monitor of scan.co.uk last month so my guess its a 2017 model and been getting the same flicker but since its only for a split second and isnt happening like every 5 mins i cant get a capture of it so currently i have tried using a different display port cable and 2 different hdmi cables and nothing seems to stop it and i know for a fact its the monitor because my 2 other benq monitors dont face any issues like this 

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