Impossible to find a sound card driver Aspire 3000

XeOONXeOON Member Posts: 8

Hello, ladies & gents

I've got a situation that needs to be resolved or i'm gonna go insane lol

So i got my hands on this old Acer Aspire 3000 (3003 WLMI) laptop and i fully formated it, reinstalled Windows XP etc, but it seems there's no chance in hell for me to find a correct sound card driver for it..

Hardware ID's shows me it should be SIS 7012 sound card (you gonna see it in logs atached), but SiS drivers are not working with this thing (trying setup.exe returns some kind of error, and when i try to manually update drivers in device manager using inf file it says incompatible device).

Acer site says Aspire 3000 series uses Realtek AC'97 audio codecs so i install them, but i got no volume control icon in taskbar and no audio obviously, so i try other versions of particular Realtek driver and version a380 seems to give me volume control icon at least, but still no audio device is present in Sounds and Audio Devices in Control Panel..

I seem to be lost here, any help?

Thanx in advance!

P.S. Belarc Advisor and WinAudit logs atached

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  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    Can you check if on Device manager there is any yellow exclamation mark?

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • XeOONXeOON Member Posts: 8

    Hi, IronFly


    Yep i got exclamation marks, but nothing sound related. Anyways here's my situation:




    Very strange indeed, some kind of sound card malfunction or perhaps i need to run Windows Update?

  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    Check on service, if windows audio is started and set automatic.


    click on start icon, choose run and type services.msc

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • XeOONXeOON Member Posts: 8

    Yep it's set to automatic..


    I did full Windows Update check, installed them all and still no audio :<


    I have no idea if it's a driver related problem or hardware itself is starting to fail

  • IronFlyIronFly ACE Posts: 18,413 Trailblazer

    Can you try to uninstall the legacy audio drivers?

    then reboot



    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • laurent_14laurent_14 ACE Posts: 9,890 Trailblazer

    @IronFly: He can also try the audio driver on the old Acer website.

  • XeOONXeOON Member Posts: 8

    Sorry guys, but neither of you solutions are working :/


    @IronFly there are even no such option as Uninstall present where those Legacy Sound Drivers are concerned, same goes for the rest of items in sound, video and game controllers section except for Realtek AC97 drivers themeselves, so obviosuly i can't uninstall them..


    @laurent_14 Thanx for your help, but nope i tried those already


    imo it's not a driver related issue, since i tried probably all possible versions of Realtek AC'97 codec.

    So i either need some custom coded driver, there is some kind of IRQ conflict or a hardware malfunction (which would be kinda weird)..

    TBH i wouldn't mind throwing that old peace of junk outta window or just plug some kind of USB soundblaster in it, but it would be very interesting to know exact cause of such BS behavior lol..

  • pcpunkpcpunk Member Posts: 10

    XeOON,  I got the same issue, well not the same but my audio does not work, at all.  But I have no exlamation marks anywhere, all seems fine and is quite mysterious.  The headphone jack don't work either.


    O-I would love some help from you?  I was trying to make C: Drive a little smaller to install a linux OS, but I was foolish not to write down all the important info about the drive.  The drive I need info for is the ACERDATA, I need the UUID and how it is Flagged.  If you could provide this for me that would be of great help.  I am also going to be fixing the sound issue so maybe we can trade some info. at a later date.  Here is my thread for the sound issue:


    And here is the one for the ACERDATA Partition:

  • pcpunkpcpunk Member Posts: 10

    XeOON, I need help with the partition first, not the sound, the sound I will deal with later.  That would be the second link, this one:  Your sound card drivers are on this page here:

  • pcpunkpcpunk Member Posts: 10

    XeOON wrote:

    Hi, IronFly


    Yep i got exclamation marks, but nothing sound related. Anyways here's my situation:




    Very strange indeed, some kind of sound card malfunction or perhaps i need to run Windows Update?

    You should have installed from the recovery partiton, or the disks that came with laptop.  That is why you got all those Exclamation Marks and missing those software, but, probably has nothing to do with your sound.

  • pcpunkpcpunk Member Posts: 10

    XeOON, Have you  tried other older drivers in there? there are many on the net that you could try.  


    Also, if you are interested, you could install a free linux OS on that acer and you would not have all the security issues as with XP.  You might(as I did)have to resize the partitions to do this if the last partition on the drive is to small.  Or you could just install linux and wipe out XP all together.  I will show you how if you are interested.  But I messed up and forgot the get the info. on that partition I deleted.  I doesn't seem to be very important but want to get it back to factory anyhow.  I installed from the disks but that did not set the partitons right.  

  • XeOONXeOON Member Posts: 8

    Hey, pcpunk


    Thx for your attempt to solve my problem, but it was a dead cause, i already bought usb soundcard for that thing and gave it away, i've tried zillions of drivers, probably all realtek AC'97 versions there is and none solved my problem


    I'm thinking probably dead card or something, as quite similar thing was happening with my old Geforce 7900GS, which was dead and just wouldn't accept any drivers i throw at it


    So forget about me (although i'd love to hear different opinions from people who may experienced something similar) and check my reply in your thread ;p

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