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Upgrade SSD on Acer Aspire E 11 ES1-111M-C40S.


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  • amdgamezamdgamez Posts: 1Member

    Hello YDE, thank you for sharing this mod.  I would like to ask if in your experience the SSD is working fine with jumpers on the tx/rx differential pads or maybe there is a risk of malfuntion or data loss.  It will be more easy to avoid soldering capacitors but i am not sure.  Excuse me if my english is not good.

  • YDEYDE Posts: 3Member New User


    I have been using the SSD for a year now without any problem. In my case, the SSD is only used as data storage, not for the operating system.



  • NeilQNeilQ Posts: 1Member New User
    I just added the internal SATA connector and corresponding jumpers to my Aspire E11.  I used a through hole, right angle connector purchased on eBay.  It and the SSD fit perfectly (after you break off the fins inside the cover) .  Here are some of the issues I found that aren't addressed elsewhere in this thread:
    - Through my work I have access to a very nice Hakko desoldering machine.  But the holes for the connector were so small that the capillary action of the solder made clearing all of them virtually impossible with vacuum.  I finally just used a small #74 0.022 drill bit in a pin vise to clear the holes.  This was very easy to do.  I spent 30 minutes with the Hakko without complete success but I cleared all of the holes with the drill bit in about 5 minutes.
    - I didn't readily have the 0.1uf caps in a 0402 size so I just bridged the pads with wire.  This is working fine.
    - After cloning the internal EMMC "drive" to my new SSD I could not get my new SSD to show up in BIOS as a boot option or get the machine to boot from it.  I could, however, see and use it as any other Windows drive storage.  Finally after re-partitioning and re-formatting the internal EMMC with no primary partition the machine booted right away from the SSD.  And the EMMC simply shows as another available drive in Windows.  Curiously the SSD still does NOT show up in BIOS as a boot option, yet the machine boots from it and runs fine.
    - FWIW before installing the SSD my Windows installation was totally crippled due to the limited space.  The machine was unusabley slow with only a trivial amount room "available" on the 32G EMMC.  Now it's like a new machine.  I can't call it fast but it is very usable now.  And the windows c: drive exploded to consume almost 60G after installing all of the pent-up windows bloated updates.

    Hope this helps somebody that's decided to give this a try.  It really isn't that hard if you have the right tools and some experience with fine pitch soldering.  Adding the SSD gives the machine a new and usable life.  Without this upgrade I would have sent it off to be recycled.

    Connector used:

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