My Aspire laptop frozen

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My laptop would not go beyond Acer logo. Tried Erecovery. When it comes to download Office2010 it again freezes at 23 of 42 and then nothing can be done . I do not need Pffice2010; just want laptop up and running even if data lost. Help please


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    If you have not tried recovery from outside windows, you may try the below mentioned steps :


    Recovery media is not necessary to recover your computer. You can use Acer Recovery Management to reinstall your Operating System from a hidden partition built into your computer.

    During the process, all data stored on your computer will be overwritten.

    Use the following steps to start the system recovery:

    1. Restart the computer.
    2. When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the left Alt, and the F10 keys.
    3. If you are prompted with a Microsoft Windows boot screen, press the Enter key.
    4. After the Acer eRecovery Management application has loaded, select your restore type.
    5. Read the notice, and then click Next when you are ready.
    6. Click Next to begin the restore process.
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    Thanks for the response. Me and my son did try these steps earlier. What happened that when the restoration process came to the loading of Microsoft Office 2010, it froze at 23 out of 42. Originally I did not have Office 2010 and do not know why the OS was downloading it. Anyway what my son did was to get Windows7 CD disk and reload the OS. Now the computer is fine. But I still wonder why the download got stuck at Office 2010 after downloading Windows etc.