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ElDodoElDodo Member Posts: 2 New User
So firstly Apologies if I am posting in the wrong Catergory, I have a Aspire S7 Laptop.

About 4 Weeks ago my laptop started to hang and it constantly did it. I was running Windows 10 and I thought it was time to to a factory reset as I hadnt done one in a while and start my laptop from scratch and rebuild it.
I know a little bit about PC's but I am no expert.
So I did that and little did I know it did a factory reset to Windows 8. I tried to re-install with the Windows 10 creation too and kept having issues and constantly having it hang on me, as time went on I thought OK best to upgrade to windows 8.1 and try and upgrade it from there.
So for the past 2 weeks its been a constant battle trying to get upgraded to windows 10 and still havent got there. 
Tried the SFC /Scannow, Tried the DISM tool, Tried both restore and repaid functions, tried the clean boot. Then I tried starting / resetting with the ALT + F10 and thats where things really started to go south.
Now every time my PC starts / runs.. it has the blue screen with Start windows 8 and windows rollback.. I cant seem to get rid of that..(its a loop)
Ive tried doing an install from a thumb drive and its no good.

Ive tried the Windows factory settings and restart / repair.. no luck

And on top of that, I believe there is something wrong with my PC Partitions, because now whenever I try and upgrade it says missing partition.

Now Ive checked the SSD and all the clusters and they appear to be OK..

Does anyone have any idea on a solution???
Desperately want to go back to Windows 10 

Hope you can help

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  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 37,466 Trailblazer
    >>>Desperately want to go back to Windows 10 >>>

    If it was mine, I'd try to get Win8.1 back ASAP. It's more stable that Win10 because every new major Win10 update is like new Windows version with only an 18 month life cycle.  Plus Win8.1 has extended support till 2023. The latest Win10 update only has this support till 2020 or 2021. Furthermore,  the earlier major Win10 update version that you seemed happy with before probably can't be installed any more. But if you'd like to try anyway, you can create a generic Win10 installation USB drive of the latest Win10 version from this link  Good luck Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ
  • ElDodoElDodo Member Posts: 2 New User
    Thanks Jack, great advice and Ill take that on board and stick with Windows 8.1
    How do I get out of this boot loop then? It keeps booting up with proceed with Windows 8 or windows rollback.. 

    Now when I try to do the Rollback nothing happens.
    Starting to get annoyed with this and the windows Repair & Refresh dont work..

    Frankly im lost at where to turn.

    Any suggestions?

    Joey Wright 
  • JackEJackE ACE Posts: 37,466 Trailblazer
    You have two choices. One free. One about $50.

    Freebie: You can go to this link to make a USB installation stick that will re-install a generic Microsoft version of Win8.1

    Or if the machine was purchased in the US or Canada, you can get the ACER version of Win8.1 on a USB stick or DVD for about $50 from the ACER online store.

    The ACER version has all the correct drivers, apps and system support files that are tied to your machine's serial number id (SNID) pre-installed. If you go with the freebie generic version, you might have to download  and install drivers from the ACER downloads site to get some devices to work properly

    Jack E/NJ

    Jack E/NJ
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