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  • Mnot75Mnot75 Member Posts: 9


    Hello everyone,
    I just received this monitor yesterday from Amazon after waiting over two years for it to release.  I’m joining this thread/forum for the same issue we are all having. The flickering was immediately noticeable in Divinity Original Sin 2. The latest Nvidia driver failed to address the situation. 

    After having owned the Asus PG34VQ and Asus PG27UQ, this is my first Acer display. Needless to say this is not a great first impression but for all we know at this point the same issue could be present on the ASUS PG35UQ display as well. 

    Its clear that that a replacement would not help but I’m very upset to learn that Acer does not ship a new one out while waiting for the defective unit to arrive. That it not is a customer focused practice and with a price tag like this, it’s downright ridiculous. 

    All that said, and hopefully seriously taken under consideration, the image is beautiful. Having just come from the 27” 4K HDR 144hz Asus,
    the lower resolution took some adjusting to but 35 inches with the 21:9 aspect ratio really just transforms a game from a pretty picture into an experience. Monster Hunter, Doom, and Rocket League were jaw dropping.

    Please fix this Acer so I can have the same experience with my entire

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    We really need some one from Nvidia or ACER to let us know what the true issue lies with? Hardware natural of VA panel(non fixable), Hardware(fixable with Firmware from ACER) or Software(fixable with future driver). Anyone? I went to Nvidia forum and the driver developer aren't commenting on this issue and one Nvidia fanboy keep pushing off this issue toward ACER hardware. This is really disappointing and upsetting.
  • Mnot75Mnot75 Member Posts: 9


    Agreed. I’ll be watching this thread as closely as I’m watching my Amazon return window. 
  • Aldur67Aldur67 Member Posts: 30 Enthusiast
    Mnot75 said:
    Agreed. I’ll be watching this thread as closely as I’m watching my Amazon return window. 
    I think there are a lot of X35 owners that are doing this and Acer is going to get a flood of returns if this isn't fixed within the next 30 days. :)
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    @Acer-Manny where you at? Need answers before I return
  • BoatkettlecheeseBoatkettlecheese Member Posts: 47 Devotee
    Hi all,

    Please update to the latest NVIDIA Game Ready Driver v.436.02 released yesterday, if for some reason the flickering persists, try lowering the overclocking settings.  

    Note: Click here, for instructions on how to install the latest NVIDIA Game Ready drivers using the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application. 

    Thanks for the patience,
    Doesnt work. With no overclock you will still get flickering. The problem is to do with sharpness of the image and hdr. Some interplay between the two is messing the overdrive function up. I know this because of fiddling with the detail setting of nvidia freestyle. I know 100% any game that has h8gh shapness and high hdr tonal mapping will display this issue.
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    Hello RENROC,

    I’m reporting back with my experience.

    I was able to make flickering in games go away by setting the display and pc to RGB 10-bit color at full range and 144hz.  This also seemed to eliminate  the interlacing artifacts I was seeing while moving in Battlefield 5.  HDR is still finicky in that game (not sure if it’s the game or display). I need to change the refresh rate in game (even if it’s set correctly) to get HDR to kick in. 

    For the DP connection, all OSD flickering is gone now as well.

    The OSD flickering is still however very evident on the HDMI input. 

    I really do not want to return this display, it’s absolutely stunning and I have no dead /defective pixels.

    I just need to understand what’s causing this OSD flickering and whether or not I should be concerned about it. Could this be a voltage issue? I recall seeing someone throw that possibility out there. 

    I really wish someone from Acer would come to this thread and provide some perspective. 

  • Aldur67Aldur67 Member Posts: 30 Enthusiast
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    @Acer-Manny Where you guys at?? Do Acer employees even monitor this forum anymore???
  • qwertyuiopgfgqwertyuiopgfg Member Posts: 13


    I'm getting worried by the lack of customer support response. Can you atleast confirm that a group is working on fixing a problem that appears to affect every panel of your flagship product?
  • qwertyuiopgfgqwertyuiopgfg Member Posts: 13


    Also as a side note, how much does Acer expect the consumer to pay for a working product? $4000, $6000? I kind of assumed that basic qc would be included with a 3k price tag.
  • Acer-Manny_RetiredAcer-Manny_Retired Newbie Posts: 4,451 Guru
    Hi all,

    Sorry for the inconveniences that you're all experiencing, we are working closely with HQ on this issue, but unable to replicate the issue consistently. Please help me provide more detail information by answering the following questions:

    1. What port input are you using?
    2. What kind of VGA card?
    3. Any specific settings on witcher3/games?
    4. Any additional configurations?

    Thanks for the patience,
  • Mose9634Mose9634 Member Posts: 2 New User
    I've had this happen as well, and I find it hard to believe that you can't reliably duplicate it because it happens constantly and reliably for me. Here's my info just in case:

    1. Display Port
    2. Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme 2080 ti
    3. I see this in Final Fantasy XIV in various zones (primarily the new ones in Shadowbringers, just because that's where I've been spending the most time). It doesn't happen in every zone and I've yet to find a pattern, but if it *does* happen in a zone, it happens all the time with 100% reliability. Walk around Lakeland where you can see all the trees and it'll happen every time. It seems to be related to mouse movement. If I'm idle, I don't see it, but the second I move the mouse around, there it is. It's so prominent I thought it was lightning or something in game.

    I've tried so many permutations of settings - all the different output options in the Nvidia control panel for refresh rate, output color format/depths/dynamic range. I've tried turning off the 200hz overclock on the monitor. I've three three DisplayPort cables. The *only* thing that reliably makes the problem go away is turning off overdrive on the monitor, which then turns everything into a blurry mess. I'm now on my third driver release from Nvidia, and all of them exhibit the issue.

    I've already packed the monitor back up for return, but I'll have it here for a few more days. If there are things I can try to help debug until it goes back let me know and I'll dig it back out. I want nothing more than to keep it, but there's no way in hell I'm going to sit on a $2500 monitor with the hope of a fix that may never come.
  • Mnot75Mnot75 Member Posts: 9


    NEX MACHINA with HDR and Battlefield 5 with HDR

    Display Port 

    Nvidia 2080Ti Founders Edition

    RGB Full Range 10Bit Color at 144Hz

    Multiple attempts required to get HDR to kick in.

    Monitor is in HDR mode (OSD Blocked out) but colors are dull and display is dimly lit.


    OSD (On Screen Display) flickers on HDMI. 

    Image is good but OSD flickering is concerning.

    Thank you.

  • Aldur67Aldur67 Member Posts: 30 Enthusiast
    Hi @Acer-Manny

    Here's the information below.

    1. Display port
    2. EVGA 2080 ti FTW3
    3. Witcher 3 - Under "Options > Video > Post Processing" set the Sharpening setting to High causes the flickering to occur during the day time. It is best shown if the time in the game is around noon and the sun is shining, no rain or clouds.
    4. Also, the FPS needs to be above 80 for the flickering to show up in witcher 3. Note that with witcher 3 changing any other setting than sharpening does not have an effect on the flickering issue.
    Turning the Overdrive to "Off" causes the flickering to go away with sharpening set to "High" in the witcher 3, but lots of ghosting/black smearing is present with the OD off. 
  • BoatkettlecheeseBoatkettlecheese Member Posts: 47 Devotee
    Im using displayport. 2080ti
    HDR on.
    Overdrive extreme
    Resident evil 2 remake. Final checkpoint with leon.

    The easiest way to get this issue to appear though 100% in mostly any game with HDR is to add nvidia filter Details and push the brightness right up with extreme overdrive enabled. Alter the sliders when sharpness is set to 100% whilst looking closlely at the filter display box for the lines which will flicker and appear when the sliders reach a set freshhold.

    I can reproduce a flicker and a line issue this way in mostly every game.
  • BoatkettlecheeseBoatkettlecheese Member Posts: 47 Devotee
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    Alternatively just run the division 2 benchmark and look at the forklift truck at the end of the test run and some of the objects on the road in the bright bloom closely as they will have the line issue going through them 100%. Thats 100% repro very evident Ive tried everything to get those lines to go. And they never do. Im actually holding off playing the division 2 because of this.
  • Mose9634Mose9634 Member Posts: 2 New User
    RENROC said:

    Mose9634  I have read your post with great sadness So can I ask what other monitor will you consider because I am still on the fence about this monitor and may swing towards the LG 38GL950G that would eb my second monitor on my wish list I know it is not HDR 1000 but heck anything without lines and flickering got to be a good thing? RIGHT!!

    If I were Acer-Manny I would be very concerned and this is now worrying me so much so I may not now buy the X35 as it is totally unacceptable to pay this sort of cash and experience all these faults I think the people who have purchased this monitor are something like beta testers leave it for 2 years and it will all be sorted with another Acer release only better than the X35 now it makes sense here in the UK why the release date keeps getting pushed back Acer now realise they have a big BOBO on their hands that no sticking plaster will cover up.

    Acer-Manny when will you be releasing the X35 in the UK, as I have been waiting like forever to buy one that’s assuming you can fix the problem before the LG release their 38GL950G  monitor.

    Assuming this doesn't get fixed and I return the X35, I'm just going back to my X34. There's really nothing that's a clear step up from that (there's the 120hz updates to the IPS ultrawides, but 20hz isn't worth another ~$800 to me). I've had the X34 for quite a while and it's treated me pretty well. No HDR1000 and half the refresh, but it'll have to do until the next round of panels come out.

    I looked at the new 38" LG, but I *barely* get the performance I want out of my 2080 ti now, and that 38" has a larger resolution so I'm not interested, at least for now. I also looked at the 144hz LG 34" online, but I can't get one locally and (as encouraged by the X35) I'm not comfortable buying something this big and heavy without an easy return policy.
  • SeyumiSeyumi Member Posts: 1 New User
    Everyone, please keep the community informed (via this forum thread or other avenues) about the flickering issues and how/if they're resolved via firmware update, software update, etc. This is a $2,500 purchase so it's no joke. Myself and many others are holding off on purchasing the Acer X35 or the Asus PG35VQ until we can confirm the flickering issue has been resolved. We know from various professional reviews that the issue can be fixed via turning off the Overdrive setting in the OSD or running below 80hz but then it kind of defeats the purpose of this monitor. Thanks again~
  • Mnot75Mnot75 Member Posts: 9


    I just unplugged mine and will be sending it back. While testing I thought maybe the display port  cable might have something to do with HDR not “kicking in” even when the display thinks it’s active. I grabbed the display port cable from my Asus PG27UQ (which thankfully I haven’t sold yet). This shut down all display port functionality. After multiple restarts of the display and PC, the only port I could get to come up was my Nintendo Switch over HDMI. Display port was just showing a black screen. Reverting back to the Acer DP cable did nothing to improve the situation. This was a very frustrating and disappointing experience. The image was amazing when working correctly but this is just too much... 

    on the bright side, I get all that money back. 

  • qwertyuiopgfgqwertyuiopgfg Member Posts: 13


    @Acer-Manny Assuming that this issue is not fixed what is the return policy? I would prefer not having to return this monitor just to buy it again if the flickering is resolved. Will there be an extended window to trade-in this monitor for either cash or a replacement?
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