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Having to reset the battery frequently...

I own an Acer Swift 3 SF315-52G-82TV, and ever since I bought it about 2.5 months ago, from time to time the laptop will just not turn on. I will press the power button repeatedly but nothing happens. When this occurs, the battery feels quite hot to the touch. The first time this happened, I was a bit freaked out, but after chatting with Acer they told me that I need to use a paperclip and press the "reset battery" button for 30 seconds.

This has worked whenever the laptop has acted like this ever since (about 4-5 times), but I feel like this should not be happening for a virtually brand-new laptop. I am a bit afraid about the long term health of the laptop if I need to continually reset the battery since it gets so hot. Additionally, what if I don't have a paper clip laying around and my laptop does this? I am in trouble!

Does anyone have this same issue and/or any fixes? Thanks!


  • KamalikaKamalika Posts: 423Ally
    Hi Ashwinr 136,
    Well good to know that you used the battery reset process . Additionally please try this following step .
    Uninstall and reinstall battery driver.
    When on the desktop screen, press the windows logo key + X (on keyboard).
    Click on device manager from left panel.
    Click on arrow on the side of battery. Now right click each and click uninstall( make sure to UN-CHECK delete driver if that is checked as we dont want to delete any driver.
    Ones done restart computer to have a fresh driver for battery installed.
    Then perform BIOS default after this.
     For that shut down computer.
    Now press power button one time and keep tapping F2 on the keyboard for 10-15 times  to enter BIOS.
    Press F9 one time and hit enter.
    Then press F10 one time and  hit enter.
     This will restart your computer.

    Please make sure that computer is not plugged into charger all the time. 
    Please let me know if this fixed your issue.

    If I answered your question, please mark my post "accept" to make it easier for others to find the answer!
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