some keys of the keyboard of my e1 stopped working after not using it for 6 weeks. Ideas?

vbispovbispo Member Posts: 6

No liquids on it, when i've returned from leave it didn't just worked. It was working perfectly (and working every day!) before our leave period.



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  • Hello,


    1. What model do you own exactly?
    2. Could you give me the first ten characters of the computer serial number (S/N)? Only the first ten.

  • vbispovbispo Member Posts: 6

    Hi Laurent,


    thank you for your prompt reply. I have (my daughter) a Aspire E1, Model z5we1. the SN is nxmhceb001. if you need further details just ask.


    Merci, A+

  • Oh you speak French!Smiley Happy First I would perform a power reset.


    Laptop model: Aspire E1-570G-33214G1TDnrr

  • vbispovbispo Member Posts: 6

    Didn't solved the problem (the PC started without password, that was something interesting to learn about).


    Thank you for trying to help, this forum's are awsome for that, the "community spirit".


    Thanks you again,



  • brummyfan2brummyfan2 ACE Posts: 26,713 Trailblazer

    Go to Device manager, right click the Keyboard and uninstall the driver, reboot and see whether it fixes the problem, it's just a shot in the dark so don't blame me if it doesn't work Smiley Very Happy


    EDIT: You could also try switching to different keyboard language(Eng US/UK) and switch back to your default language.


  • vbispovbispo Member Posts: 6

    didnt work but thank you for trying

  • Hi vbispo,


    Have you loaded the default settings in the bios setup utility?

  • vbispovbispo Member Posts: 6

    Sorry but I don't understand that, my IT knowledge it's very limited...

  • Hi vbispo,


    The first way:

    1. Restart your laptop
    2. When you'll see the Acer logo , press [F2] to access to the bios setup utility
    3. Press [F9] to load the default settings
    4. Press [F10] to save and exit
    5. The laptop will reboot automatically
  • vbispovbispo Member Posts: 6



    sorry for the late reply, away from the damaged computer until today. Well, one of the keys that is not working is the f2 (like the i, or the back space...totally apart keys).



  • Hi vbispo,


    Second way, watch these videos:


    Windows 8:

    Windows 10:



    [F9] to load default settings

    [F10] to save and exit

    Hoping [F9] and [F10] keys work.

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