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Acer Aspire E5-411-C1Y4 RAM Upgrade Clarification



Just want to upgrade my Aspire E5-411 RAM from 2gb to 8gb.

Can I use any brand of rams? Like kingstone, etc. Or there is a specific brand for Acer to be compatible?


Looking forward for response. Thanks!

FAQ & Answers

  • Lucas2014Lucas2014 Posts: 541ACE Pioneer

    According to this site https://www.mrmemory.co.uk/memory-ram-upgrades/acer/aspire-notebook/e5-411


    These are the Ram memory settings of your notebook, if you want to use kingston should check out the Ram memory configurations to fit with the device, ideal and use two memories like for there is no loss of performance. If you want to use the same Ram of your notebook, use the Speccy (Piriform) for this data . (Used Google Translator )

  • laurent_14laurent_14 Posts: 6,767ACE Pathfinder

    Hi japun,


    To complete the information:

    Your laptop supports up to 8Gb - DDR3L - 1600MHz (1x8Gb).


    1. Here are the original memory modules of 8Gb:

    KN.8GB07.022SO-DIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Kingston)
    KN.8GB0B.019SO-DIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Samsung)
    KN.8GB0B.030SO-DIMM.DDR3L.1600.8GB (Samsung)

    2. Compatible memory modules:

  • japunjapun Posts: 3Member

    Hi Lucas,


    Thank you so much for dropping a helpful comment.

    I will have a check to that app soon.

  • japunjapun Posts: 3Member

    Hi Laurent,


    Thank you so much for that helpful response.


    I am concerned also about the "mhz" thingy of my unit's default ram. It is 1333mhz, will that 1600mhz fit?

    And yeah I've disassembled once my unit to check the ram slot and it has only one (which is so dissapointing). So it will fit an 8gb ram, thanks for this info.

  • Lucas2014Lucas2014 Posts: 541ACE Pioneer

    support yes

  • Jay21Jay21 Posts: 2Member New User
    Hi, I just wanted to ask about my Acer E5-411 C8MA about the memory in the task manager, it says that "Slots used: 1of 2". Does that mean that I have 2 ram slots? 
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