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Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T-P7HA vs. Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T-P344

What is the difference between these 2 Notebooks???


Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T-P7HA



Acer Aspire R 11 R3-131T-P344



The specs seem the same. Only difference I can tell is about $50 on amazon.



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  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4,017ACE Pathfinder

    Well the P344 is blue. I have one that is hotrodded a bit (8GB, Samsung EVO SSD) - original 500GB is now in a USB 3.0 external - and I consider it the best of all my portable devices

  • geoffj83geoffj83 Posts: 4Member


    They are both blue!

    I just had a help chat with someone at amazon.com and they couldn't find any difference either, besides the price.

    I thought someone at Acer, the company that builds these machines could tell me. Maybe one is an earlier model??? But the specifications seem to be the same for both.


    I guess I'll get the "R3-131T-P344" since it's a little cheaper with the same specs.


    I was thinking of upgrading the RAM to 8GB, and a SSD as well.

    Was it easy to upgrade??


    Also, would I have any problems with the slow processor playing 1080p movies on it??



  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4,017ACE Pathfinder

    As mentioned, my P344 now has 8GB ram and a Samsung EVO SSD, both from Amazon. Only tricky part is the microswitch interlock on one of the center screws and the "lift the clasp" cables (do not pull !) on & over the disk drive.


    Had an R5/i7 here for assessment and the R3/N3700 was not discernably slower thought the R3 is a ventless design. Unlike what the specs say, the HDMI does support 1920x1080 & personally find the real RJ-45 useful. Also the N3700 idles at 1.6GHz - when needed it ramps up to 2.4


    I've gotten lost in all of the models and different configurations, think it hurts Acer in the long run.

  • geoffj83geoffj83 Posts: 4Member

    So I finally found out the difference!




    "These laptops are identical, with exception of preloaded third-party software. In fact, the Signature Edition R3-131T-P7HA doesn’t have any, thus having a cleaner Windows 10 installation."


    Is there much 3rd party software on the P344 that you removed?

    Or should I spend the extra $$ and get a clean windows 10 PC with nothing else installed??


    Thanks again.

  • padgettpadgett Posts: 4,017ACE Pathfinder

    You mean the clean one is $50 more than the preloaded ?


    I just removed McAfee on mine (use Defender and EMET set paranoid) and disabled some plugins. Rest I just left unless annoying.


    That review is interesting. They didn't seem to understand that the N3700 is a ventless cpu and capable of 2.4GHz. Mine is hotrodded with 8GB RAM and a 250GB (enough for me) SSD. Since I generally use an external 1920x1080 monitor the screen is OK (was really looking to the form factor for transporting) and performance is within the ballpark to a similar i7.

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