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Acer H340 System Status light red, where is ANNIE.GHO?

optmizroptmizr Posts: 2Member
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I have an Acer H340 headless home server. Upon reboot recently, the system status indicator (letter i on the front panel) is solid red. All other lights are blue. Instructions for diagnosis indicate to make a bootable USB device with 'ANNIE.GHO' but this file is NOT on any of the 3 disks that came with the unit nor can I find it online. 


Can someone point me to ANNIE.GHO? Or any other method to figure out what is wrong with the unit?




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  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    I'm researching this for you and will reply when I have an update.

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    Here is some troubleshooting you can try to help narrow this down:


    • Remove all hdds and try to boot the system.
    • Try swapping memory.
  • optmizroptmizr Posts: 2Member



    That is some of the most horrible troubleshooting advice I have ever been given. I'm an IT professional with over 15 years in a support role and I've heard some ridiculous things, even from my own staff but I think this beats nearly all of those. Suggesting that a customer go purchase additional RAM sticks and try them out on the off chance that it's a memory issue? Maybe I should buy a new CPU, 3 new HDs (whose lights are blue BTW) and a new motherboard ... just in case. 


    ACER's DOCUMENTATION states that in order to troubleshoot hardware problems on headless servers such as mine, you should create a bootable USB device with ANNIE.GHO. However, this utility appears to not exist at all. I am asking you where I can locate this utility so that I can further troubleshoot.


    This is ACER's DOCUMENTATION- where is the utility that your company suggests that I use?


    - VERY dissatisfied customer



  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    I apologize if that was not the answer you were looking for but that "i" LED being red means just about anything and everything can be wrong with the server. Basic troubleshooting would be to eliminate the easiest pieces of hardware, HDD and memory, which is why I suggested you start there.


    Obviously you have found and read through a service manual that is posted on-line that is for internal use only so you will have to understand that what you are asking for is for exactly that, internal use only. I have, however, obtained what you are looking for with some smooth talking with our engineers and am more than willing to send it to you. Send me a PM with your email address and I will get it out to you as quickly as possible so you can continue to troubleshoot the issue. Smiley Happy

  • jlesliejleslie Posts: 3Member

    I would like a copy of ANNIE.GHO also.



    I am not able to connect my h340 to the network either.  How can I reset the ip address? Thanks Joel

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    Send me a PM with your email address and I will get it out to you as quickly as possible so you can continue to troubleshoot the issue. Smiley Happy


    As for the IP address change, have you tried opening the command prompt and releasing and renewing?

  • jlesliejleslie Posts: 3Member

    To close this out.  I changed the ip address of my router and gateway and my main computer to what I thought might have been a different ip when the WHS was previously running and that got it working and gave me access to change the ip of the server to automatic, after which i reset all the ips back.  I have a couple of file errors which is keeping the red light on.  Perhaps ANNIE.GHO can help me fix them.  Thanks all for your assistance.

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    I apologize for the delayed response, I've been out of the office on business. I see your PM and will get it out to you as quickly as possible.

  • ddestefaddestefa Posts: 1Member

    Could I also get this file?  I have an H342 that I think just went belly-up.  the red "i" light is on and the red liughts for drives 2 and 3 are on.  When I attempt to boot the device with only the boot drive installed, there is a regular buzzing sound ever couple of seconds like it is trying to access the drive.  The it apparently fails and the red lights come on.  When I take the boot drive out, this regular buzzing sound does not happen.  I'm fairly certain the boot drive is the culprit but would love to use the diangostics to double-check.


    If the boot drive is dead, can I simply get another hard drive and install it as the boot and restore from a previous backup?  

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    Pm received and responded to, file emailed. Smiley Happy

  • donlacdonlac Posts: 1Member

    I also have an Acer H340 headless home server.  I had two sata port multipliers attached for extra drive space.  One of them died, so I took it apart and fixed it.  While it was detached, I turned off the server to prevent data errors from the missing drives.  I hooked everything back up and now when I hit the power button all I get is the blue light behind the power button, nothing else.


    I tried removing all extra drives and the esata daughter card, but I still don't even get the case fan to spin up or any sound from the OS drive.  Is it possible that the diagnostic will tell me more or is this thing just dead?

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    I would be more than happy to send you the diagnostic file, if you would like. you would need to PM (private message) me with your email address, however.

  • ServerServer Posts: 2Member

    I don't have enough privileges to private message you... Can you please send ANNIE.GHO to me.

  • ServerServer Posts: 2Member

    I've sent 2 messages over the last week or so requesting this file and have recieved no response. Can someone please help me??

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    Hi, sorry for the delayed response, I received your PM and attempted to send it but the email address bounced if you could help me out.

  • Jlion1Jlion1 Posts: 1Member

    Could I have a copy of file? My H340 only has power light on now. Lights for HD and the light below the Power all went dead 2 days ago. Please help me figure out what went wrong. I have 4 computers using Acer home server H340 for back up. Thanks,


  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    Send me a private message with your email address and I can send it to you.

  • jurisacerjurisacer Posts: 2Member

    could you also send me the annie.gho file for acer H341?

  • -Justin-Justin Posts: 2,361Member Seasoned Practitioner



    Send me a private message with your email address and I can send it to you.

  • arbojasecarbojasec Posts: 1Member

    mr. Justin, could you please send me the file as well?

    Tried to send you a PM, but i  keep getting a 404 error???



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