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Acer H340 System Status light red, where is ANNIE.GHO?


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  • bigmoose316bigmoose316 Posts: 1Member

    My Acer H340 also can't boot up. Status indicator blinking red and ethernet light is on. No HDD lights at all. I also need the ANNIE.GHO file.

  • Taylor855Taylor855 Posts: 1Member

    I am in the same boat - I got an Acer Aspire H340 for Christmas, and 3 different hard drives have tanked in it.  I want to run some diagnostics, but can't locate annie.gho file.  I'm hoping it is something simple like the power supply is going.  Please help, thanks! 

  • GooniegoogooGooniegoogoo Posts: 8Member

    My H340 also stopped connecting with only the POWER LIGHT lighting up (all others are dark).


    I need ANNIE.GHO file as well. Attempted to PM Justing and could not send a message. HELP! Smiley Happy

  • ratrat4563ratrat4563 Posts: 3Member

    I have an easystore H340 which quit working yesterday.  As I have had the unit since it first came out and has been out of production for several years I performed a search of the internet and found an informative pdf file which contains a service guide which details replacement of components and has a diagnostic section which appears to help determine the failed component prior to purchasing any repair parts.  On page 44 it has a section labeled "H340 Diagnostic" and step 2 states "Prepare a bootable USB device by copying or downloading the ANNIE.GHO diagnostic utility to the USB device.  The diagnostic utility may be obtained from the CD that came with the system."


    Having spent over 35 years working on US Navy Fire Control Radars I found the document and procedures well laid out and easy to understand.  However, that is where the good stuff ended.  When I purchased my Acer Easystore H340 the box cntained three CD's; Software Installation Disc version 1.1, Server Recovery Disc version 1.0, and PC Recovery Disc version 1.1.  These are the same CD's which are listed on page 12 of the Aspire Easystore H340 Quick Start Guide and none of these CD's contain the diagnostic utility ANNIE.GHO.


    Searching the internet has failed to locate any site which has a copy of the diagnostic utility ANNIE.GHO so am unable where to download it from in accordance with step 2 of the "H340 Diagnostic" procedure.  Having a procedure which is available online but failing to provide the required software is an irresponible action.


    I need a copy of ANNIE.GHO to continue troubleshooting my Easystore H340.

  • eirikeirik Posts: 2Member New User
    Same problem, I am not longer able to connect to my easyStore H340 where I have backed-up my files. At first I figured it could due to change of OS on my new laptop, but have tried the old laptop and it won't connect (can't find) to the H340 either. Network cable is lit and the symbol is flashing blue on the front and the ! is also flashing blue.
  • FranGenFranGen Posts: 1Member New User
    I also need a copy of ANNIE.GHO to troubleshoot my H340. How do I get it?
  • xxyang2000xxyang2000 Posts: 1Member New User
    me too need a copy of ANNIE.GHO 
  • ellfordellford Posts: 5Member New User
    Good luck - Acer doesn't seem to publish it for d/l anymore.  

    I just flattened my system and installed Windows Home Server 2011 and it's a dream compared to 2003.  The instructions for it can be found here:



  • Sluddy01Sluddy01 Posts: 1Member New User
    Hi, late post - could anyone provide me with a copy of ANNIE.GHO? Cheers.
  • ellfordellford Posts: 5Member New User
    See my response just above yours to another person asking the same thing.
  • LT2019LT2019 Posts: 1Member New User
    Hi - I am looking for a copy of the elusive ANNIE.GHO file to troubleshoot my H340 which has the blinking blue light and can't be detected on the network.  Any leads or assistance is appreciated!  Thanks!
  • OuttodryOuttodry Posts: 1Member New User
    Acer folks:  Please give us a break.  Your documentation explains how to use ANNIE.GHO to diagnose the hardware failure.   Your documentation says the file is on one of the CD's shipped with the product.   But it isn't.  Why can't you just make this file available so your stranded customers have a chance of diagnosing their problems?
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