Iconia W510 not compatible with Windows 10

BavegaBavega Member Posts: 30 Troubleshooter

My 64GB Iconia W510 is running all the latest drivers and updates available from Acer and Microsoft.


I have the Get Windows 10 app in the task bar and have planned to upgrade. When I check Windows 10 compatability within the app, it says my PC cannot install Windows 10. It says "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator - Display will not work".


Have other Iconia W510 users experienced the same and what is Acer's advice?


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  • kovu007kovu007 Member Posts: 7

    Hey Bavega,


    Officially Acer doesn't support the Iconia W510 for Windows 10, so acer won't do anything to solve that.


    But it is very interesting to hear that, I also have a W510 64GB and the Get Windows 10 tool tells me, that everything will be fine.

  • StammyStammy Member Posts: 11

    I had the update reserved and this morning (29.7) I clicked the windows icon and I got a report that my system is supported for Windows 10. About half an hour later, I clicked the icon again and got different report that my system is not supported. It probably said the Intel-thing mentioned above. After this, the icon disappeared from the task bar.


    What is going on? People have succesfully installed preview version of Windows 10 to W510 so compatibility should not be a problem.

  • GigsawUKGigsawUK Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem.  I registered for the Windows 10 update months ago as soon as it was announced and the system check was fine.  Checked this morning to see I've I'd got the update and things still fine - just had to wait for delivery.   After a restart, checked again and now my system is incompatible due to the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator!


    Hope either Microsoft, Intel or Acer sort this soon!

  • StammyStammy Member Posts: 11
    Any help from people who downloaded preview version? I have read that some had to to update graphic drivers in order that to work. Could that help?
  • MarcuusMarcuus Member Posts: 19


    Have you tried the program/software DriverMax ?



  • StammyStammy Member Posts: 11

    Have anyone tried just downloading Windows 10 from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10


    At least preview worked with W510 and 8.1 drivers.

  • dbz2kdbz2k Member Posts: 3

    I don't think intel drops support for the chipset this early?  I would install it but I don't have the otg cable avaible just in case something goes wrong, also do you know if other tablet with the same cpu are getting supported by windows 10 it might just a glitch in the system.

  • StammyStammy Member Posts: 11

    Here's instructions from a preview user: http://sakarinkurssit.blogspot.fi/2015/02/windows-10-preview-with-touch-apps-on.html


    According to him the 8.1 drivers works just fine after you install them (need for external keyboard and mouse). It's outrageous that Acer and MS denies the support from device even though it's compatible!

  • dbz2kdbz2k Member Posts: 3

    I thnk installing windows 10 directly through microsoft website might work. If you would want to take a chance. I really wish intel and microsoft would tell us if there going to fix this issue not not.

  • heepperiheepperi Member Posts: 3

    Same problem here. Very dissapointed to Acer.  Its better to consider other manufacturers that keep their drivers updated, if this won't get fixed.

  • calahorncalahorn Member Posts: 16 Troubleshooter

    A lot of people had the same issue.  I'm running windows 10 on my w700 which was said to not be compatible.  I first upgraded to windows 10 using the media creation tool at:





    I then created a bootable usb stick and reinstalled fresh.  Best part about windows 10 installer is that its the first windows setup that is touch screen enabled, which means I didn't need to plug in a hardwired keyboard.  When I got everything set up I checked the device manager and used the windows 8.1 drivers to install all my missing drivers.  Worked like a charm.  My only problem at this point is the bluetooth module driver.  It installed correctly as well, but it will not find my bluetooth keyboard, and even more frightening is now It refuses to turn bluetooth off.  A reboot will shut it off, but I want my keyboard working.  Oh well, chatted with MS and they said they will release a driver to make it work.  Smiley Happy

  • heepperiheepperi Member Posts: 3

    So there is a hope...


    So with usb stick that could be possible... If i have readed right that usb option requires windows product key to be found (i can't remember where it is...)?

  • StammyStammy Member Posts: 11

    That sounds awesome! Hope awakens!


    Can someone post more step-by-step instructions to us technically-handicapped, pretty please? Smiley Happy


  • calahorncalahorn Member Posts: 16 Troubleshooter

    Alright folks, here we go.


    Download that media creation tool execeutable i posted above.  When you run it, it will present you with two options, choose the first option which is upgrade this PC.  It will install windows 10 over your existing windows 8.1 installation.  This is fine, the only reason you're doing that is so that windows 10 activates to your PC by recognizing that you already have a valid copy of windows installed.  After its done, make sure its activated by checking in the system menu.  At the bottom it will say windows is active.  GREAT.


    Now run that same media creation tool, and this time select option 2 to install windows 10 on another PC (Its fine, you're still doing it to this PC).  It will tell you to insert a USB stick when its done downloading.  Once you've finished making your bootable USB stick you need to reboot and make sure the bios knows to BOOT UEFI (or whatever the hell its called)  Let me know if you guys don't know how to make it boot from USB, and I'll find the proper post that describes it.  (Alternatively you can just use the upgraded windows instead of installing fresh).


    Now when the fresh copy boots into setup, and asks for a cd key, just click "do this later", and it will install.  When windows finishes installing, it will again harass you to put in a key, which you can click "do this later" (or something along those lines).  When you finally connect to wifi, your computer will auto activate itself.


    Let me know if you guys get stuck.

  • heepperiheepperi Member Posts: 3

    Thanks... i will try that, when i get from work...



  • mdn_unitedmdn_united Member Posts: 3

    I installed Win10 from a DVD (got the ISO from MSDN) and at first everything seems fine. But then I saw that the screen isn't really turned off when I push the on/off button. There is still some glowing from the backlight. And the sleep mode in general doesn't seem to work properly. The device only saves energy while hibernating. But hibernating mean a longer start when you turn it on.

    So, I went back to Win8.1 Smiley Sad

  • calahorncalahorn Member Posts: 16 Troubleshooter

    Alright, I'm heading to bed.  I'm typing this on my bluetooth keyboard which I could not get to work earlier on windows 10.  I'll leave my experience thus far, hoping maybe if you guys run into problems, this may help. 


    My bluetooth keyboard wouldn't get detected.  Generic bluetooth driver was installed with the operating system.  I decided to grab my bluetooth driver from the acer support site (windows 8.1 driver).  It upgraded my driver properly but when I tried connecting my bluetooth keyboard it was even more messed up.  Not only would my keyboard not get detected, but i lost the ability to shut off bluetooth all together.  I went into the device manager and right clicked my bluetooth module and clicked uninstall.  Whats new with windows 10 is it also offered to delete the device drivers i installed myself.  I hit yes to that of course and it rebooted.  When the system came up, I checked the device manager and there was the default generic bluetooth driver, but there was also a couple of microsoft enumerators in there too.  I tried pairing again, and this time it discovered my keyboard.


    If something isnt working right after you upgrade, try rolling back the driver.  If its a fresh copy, try installing the windows 8.1driver from the acer support site.  IF that fails, delete the driver entirely.  You never know when you'll get lucky.  I wish you folks luck.  You bought a nice product, now lets get some good use out of these bad boys and enjoy windows 10!

  • BavegaBavega Member Posts: 30 Troubleshooter

    Moving the thread without leaving a link? How is that for user-friendly? Well thanks to the fellow user who created a new thread with a link to this thread's new location.


    I noted that neither the W510 nor the W511 are on Acer's Windows 10 compability list and as such will not recieve support for Windows 10. I take it Acer does not intend to spend any time fixing any drivers that might need fixing.


    Sad, really sad. And poor customer service. My next unit may therefore not come from Acer, depending on how things work out with Windows 10 on my Iconia W510.


    Like with a homebuilt PC, we are now wholly dependent on the user community. I thank all of you who contributed to this thread and hope to see more problems solved in the near future. The screen reported not turning completely off is such a problem.

  • ebsebs Member Posts: 1

    I managed to do a clean nstall. Not sure, if everything works correct, but so far it looks fine:


    - clean install with an Win10-ISO-Image (german language); started setup from old 8.1-system. win10 gave me an option for the clean install, I'm not sure why (old system was englisch language, perhaps this was the reason). but clean install should work from usb too.

    - took me some hours (very slow installation of win10, installer files were on micro-sd-card in w510, the reason?). but at the end W510 started fine, all necessary drivers are there. Lots of free space now (more than 20GB on the 32GB-version, win10 seems to need less space than 8.1.)

    - one big problem: the video display adapter was recognized as "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", so you couldn't watch videos (Netflix, Youtube etc.) --> no video acceleration, videos stuck all the time

    - problem solved with the 8.1.-drivers for the w510 rom acer-website (v3.02). downloaded, extracted and installed new display drivers with the win10-device manager in the classic control panel. all videos run smooth now.


    for the rest, I still have to do some tests (sleep mode and so on). but so far, w510 seems to be as good as before.


    hope this helps!

  • StammyStammy Member Posts: 11

    So basicly this Intel Graphics problem which prevents us from updating the normal way is solved by using perfectly fine 8.1 drivers. I can't believe this stuff. What are they thinking?


    But nice to know that work arounds are possible! Thank you all in the community. We need group power when Acer and Microsoft are trying to screw us over.

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