Iconia W510 not compatible with Windows 10



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    Hey Folks,


    I have, kinda exciting news. Hopefully it will make us happy soon.


    So I was in a chat with the (German) Acer Support and was asking why exactly our W510 is not supported and if they contacted Intel because of that. Also why the Preview worked with the current 8.1 driver.


    And the Support Guy answered that: (Original quotes will be in German, close Translation below)


    " Das W510 ist nicht für Windows 10 freigegeben wegem dem Chipsatz und auf die Treiberbereitstellung von Intel haben wir dahingehend leider keinen Einfluss.

    Und was die Preview betrifft war es eine Angepasste Version für die breite Masse und war zu dem Zeitpunkt deswegen auch auf dem W510 Lauffähig. Aber Microsoft hat seine eigenen Hardware Anforderungen für die Finale Version soweit verändert und wenn wir von Microsoft Treiber erhalten die dieses Problem beheben, werden wir diese auch bereitstellen."

    English: The W510 is not eligble for Windows 10 due to the Chipset. We don't have an influence to Intel providing those drivers.

    Regarding the Preview, it was an adjusted version for a broad mass, which is the reason why it was able to run on the W510. For the final Version Microsoft changed their Hardware Requirements in such a way, so wenn we get drivers vom Microsoft solving this problem, we will provide them.!


    Because that sounded great, I asked if there's still the possibility of getting an update and he answered this:

    "Das auf jedenfall. Es laufen immer noch die Tests aller Geräte auf derren Kompatibilität.
     Und dementpsrechend wird auch die Liste auf unserer Website erweitert."

    English: Absolutely. There are tests which are still running, checking all our devices for the compatibility,the reason why we are going to extend the list on our website."


    Hopefully my translation is in a way understandable for you.

    Maybe, we'll see Windows 10 in the future normally supported on the W510.
    Let's keep our fingers crossed.



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    My W3-810 also has your problem " Graphics Media Accelerator" .

    I don't have USB-DVD reader or external power USB hub . Just have USB OTG . I can't follow the method that uses USB installation cause i don't have tools to connect USB stick and keyboard at the same time.

    Hope Miccrosoft or Acer will release new driver to help us get windows 10 in normal way.

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    ebs wrote:

    for the rest, I still have to do some tests (sleep mode and so on). but so far, w510 seems to be as good as before.


    ebs: Did sleep mode work for you?

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    Did any of you try contacting intel. They might give a better answer