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Acer S7 weird noise

Hello everyone !


My problem is weird noise coming from my acer. It is every 4 sec, short and silent 'click' sound, coming from right side of my computer. It starts immediately after I turn it on, its always every 4 seconds ... It wasnt like this before. Is it normal? Is it a harddrive? It is very annoying, please help ...

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  • Acer S7 has SSD as far as i know, so it's not the HDD clicking.


    the only thing that can click is one of the internal fans.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • marcinwin88marcinwin88 Posts: 6Member

    I was sure it has only one fan. How can I check the fan speed and if it works good ? This clicking is very regular - always every 4 sec, no matter whatis the fan speed ...

  • every 4 seconds it's too slow to be a fan.


    can you tell the exact model?


    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • marcinwin88marcinwin88 Posts: 6Member

    Hello. I have S7-391. I was playing with fans, the noise doesnt depend on the fans speed. So its probably not the fan. Noise stars immediately after i turn my PC on. If it is not fan or HDD i have got no idea what can it be, probably some electronics inside. Its not a noise, its more like short clicking, like a watch, but every 4 sec.

  • i'm out of ideas to be honest.


    i can't find anything that can click on a S7, it's better to contact Acer support service.

    I'm not an Acer employee.
  • AnZaLiquidAnZaLiquid Posts: 1Member

    Hi there. I've been experiencing the same issue hearing clicking noise with my Acer S7-391 - happens every 4 seconds just as you said. It is very worrisome, and I was just wondering if you ever solved the issue. If so, could you tell me what you did? Thanks in advance!



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