Acer Nitro 5 Nitro AN515-57) randomly started lagging

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So I have had this laptop (Nitro AN515-57) for about 8 months now, and it would run games completely fine. Now just about 2 days ago I booted up Genshin Impact and it started lagging like crazy. I have tried many other games and I get the same results. I have reset my computer multiple times since then as well. It's probably something with the GPU because it caps out at 100% constantly whenever I run a game, and it has never done that in the past. The games say they are running on the RTX card, so that's not the issue either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Ok after many attempts on fixing it, I finally found a solution! If you have the same issue, try downloading the drivers from
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    which driver did you download?
  • Blobfish64
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    FuryUA said:
    which driver did you download?
    Oh right I didn't fully say lol. The one that has your graphics card in parenthesis
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    I'm experiencing the same problem is this the one that you have downloaded?

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    If anyone still has the same problem, here's my solution. I had the same exact problem and have been struggling with it for days and no solution on any forum have fixed it for me.
    Today I have tried to uninstall all the vga drivers once again manually and noticed that whatever I do they kept coming back even with the internet off. Windows just kept installing them somehow and I had to prevent it from doing that.
    Here's what I've done:
    1. Download GPU drivers from official Acer site:;1 - VGA Driver ('your gpu model')
    2. Turn off your internet connection
    3. In Windows go to Settings > System > About/Info > System protection > Hardware > Device install settings; here just click the 'No' option- this prevents Windows from installing any driver updates by itself
    4. Open Device manager and uninstall your gpu drivers
    5. Restart your system
    6. Install your designated GPU drivers ( Advanced install > Clean install )

    This method finally worked for me and now my GPU usage in Divinity Original Sin 2 on Ultra is just 35% and I have a stable 60fps, whilst before the usage was at 100% and I had 5-10 fps max
    Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem!

  • Shinobi12
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    Little UPDATE:
    After you've done the things I mentioned in this comment you should do the followinng:
    1. Go to
    2. Find your model
    3. Go to BIOS tab and download the latest BIOS update
    4. Run the update
    5. All done! Fixed it for me!

  • massi357911
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    I've done this and i wanna thank u. I have a question tho. the drivers that i installed are one year old now. Do i need to update them with nvidia geforce experience right? if so, what was the point to uninstall them and reinstall the same drivers? thanks again