My Gateway GWTN141-108K will not detect Silcon Power m.2 SSD after install

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HI! I recently bought 2 Gateway GWTN141-108L laptops. on the back there's a section for easy installation of a nvme ssd. I've tried installing the ssd multiple times and its not detected in BIOS, partition manager or in the files. i tested the ssd on the other gateway laptop and it wasn't detected there either. this is a brand new ssd so im thinking theirs maybe a compatibility issue? the software silicon power gives out couldn't detect the ssd either. before i replace the ssd and try another one, i want to make sure its not the laptop itself with the problem. what m.2 ssd's are compatible with this model? also i have a custom build i could test the ssd in but i prefer not to if i don't have to.

looking forward to getting help with this! 😄


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    in the steps to initialize, i don't get the popup that step 3 mentions.

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    Hello! Did you disconnect the lithium battery before installing the new ssd?

    With the ssd plugged in, can you upload a picture of the bios info tab?

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    Unfortunately we don't have access to detailed specs on the Walmart Gateway models. They contracted with Acer to provide all support for them and got a lower price because of it. It's a new enough model however that I'd expect it to work. Are you sure the SSD itself is functional? If it's not working in two laptops maybe it's because it's not working at all.

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