My Gateway GWTN141-108K will not detect Silcon Power m.2 SSD after install

mitchiemeow Member Posts: 2 New User

HI! I recently bought 2 Gateway GWTN141-108L laptops. on the back there's a section for easy installation of a nvme ssd. I've tried installing the ssd multiple times and its not detected in BIOS, partition manager or in the files. i tested the ssd on the other gateway laptop and it wasn't detected there either. this is a brand new ssd so im thinking theirs maybe a compatibility issue? the software silicon power gives out couldn't detect the ssd either. before i replace the ssd and try another one, i want to make sure its not the laptop itself with the problem. what m.2 ssd's are compatible with this model? also i have a custom build i could test the ssd in but i prefer not to if i don't have to.

looking forward to getting help with this! 😄