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I was getting ready to play a game on my laptop when I noticed my graphics card was not being recognized by my system. I attempted to reinstall the drivers for my graphics card (Geforce RTX 3060) but I get a message saying the hardware can't be detected on in my system. I mainly use this laptop for school and don't run any gpu intensive programs, so this is kind of frustrating. I have reinstalled the most recent drivers and firmware from acer directly, and have reinstalled windows. I've had this laptop for a year almost to the day, and would prefer not to have to send it in for repair or replacement, as I use this laptop for school and am only halfway through the semester. Any and all help is appreciated, and let me know if there's anything specific that could be helpful!


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    Go to Power Options(right click battery icon in Taskbar), click "Choose what the Power buttons do" in the left pane, click "Change settings that are currently unavailable" in the next window, uncheck "Turn on fast start-up" and click save changes, turn off the laptop, disconnect from mains, remove any USB sticks, external HDDs, external mouse etc. then press Power Button for 12 Seconds, leave the laptop to rest for 15 Mins, reconnect AC adapter and fully charge the battery, try again to see whether it helps.

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    Thank you for your suggestion! I tried your method twice and am still experiencing the same issue. I'll try again in a few hours to see if there is any improvement. Would draining the battery prior to doing the steps described influence the outcome?

    Thank you again!


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    Do a hard reset by taking the back cover off and disconnecting the main battery and the bios battery, leave them unplugged for like 5 min and also take the ram out and then reconnect all and reboot your laptop, as all that should fix your NVidia gpu detection problems. Also, whenever you do an update of an NVidia gpu driver you should use the NVidia driver software's option of completely uninstalling the previous driver, as in some PCs this could also be a problem that contributes to what you are experiencing. If this does not work then there could be other more complex issues with your laptop and you will need to contact Acer and get them to fix your issues.

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    I have the same problem Rok1882 posted with my laptop.


    -Acer predator helios 300 (PH315-53)

    -core i7 10750H (@2.6 GHz)

    -RTX 2060 (6 Gb GDDR6 VRAM)

    -16 Gb RAM (2933 Hz)

    -512 Gb M.2 NvME SSD

    -Windows 11 (21H2)

    While playing Tom Clancy's Ghost recon wildlands, the laptop froze and blue screened. The temperatures of the CPU and GPU are usually between 75-78 degrees and 68-74 degrees respectively because i recently repasted the laptop with thermal grizzly kryonaut.

    After analyzing the minidump files, i got the errors: Video_Dxgkrnl_Fatal_Error (113) and Driver_Verifier_DMA_Violation (e6).

    -Rebooting the laptop gives error code 43 on the RTX 2060 in device manager.

    -Nvidia control panel does not open.

    -Geforce experience always gives graphics driver update notice even when the latest drivers are installed.

    I've tried the following solutions:

    -Removed all Nvidia drivers and related programs using DDU in safe mode and reinstalled new ones.

    -Rolled back to old drivers.

    -Opened laptop cover and unplugged battery.

    -Reset bios to default settings.

    -Repasted CPU and GPU with thermal grizzly kryonaut.

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    I'm having the same error, the screenshot you posted where the gpu is showing "-1%", I'm getting that as well. My nvidia control panel isn't opening, I've tried ddu to reinstall drivers, manually reinstalled drivers, restored windows to a previous restore point but it still isn't fixed.

    Did you manage to find a solution to this problem?

  • TheSilentGamer46TheSilentGamer46 Member Posts: 2 New User

    My laptop has the same specs as yours. Did you manage to find a solution to this problem?

  • ubirehmanubirehman Member Posts: 24 Troubleshooter

    Hey guys

    Any luck?

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