How To Find Correct Battery Online/Hacker Locked My ComputerNitro 7 - AN715-51

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Initially my acer was not holding a charge very long after unplugging. Then computer screen was black while plugged in and power light on. Desperate for info I needed I contacted the geeksquad for remote help.I then unplugged and removed battery,went thru steps that was outlined and was able to get back online. Three days later received an invoice stating I had been billed 349.00 for virus protection from geek squad. All went down hill from there, The claim they had re imbursed me wrong amount and I would have to refund. Long story short when I called them on what I was sure a scam and refused to pay ,I was threatened that I would be sorry if I didnt. Next thing I knew my computer was locked with a demand for 500.00 to unlock it.

So my questions are how can I be sure am ordering correct battery HP15-bn070wn online and is there a way to unlock my computer without taking it in.

Thank you,Bonnie

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    What is the exact model name? Example AN515-56-50HK.

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    This is all I am finding on the battery itself Regulatory model number HSTNN-LB6U Serial number on laptop CND825C6YR On Battery Replace with HP spare 807956-001 And on la[top again says Model 15-bn070wm


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    Sorry, but I don't understand why your Problem is concerning an Acer PC. The serial number CND825C6YR of your laptop identifies the HP Notebook – 15-BN070WM and HP spare 807956-001 is battery only for HP computer.

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    I am sorry, reading correct numbers listed wrong laptop. It is HP. Wrong place

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    @bonnie4 There is nothing you can do, other than maybe try to get a windows installable on a USB drive, and reinstalling windows clean. Or changing your ssd/hdd to a new one and start clean. From what you stated it looks like the so called geeksquad (these aren't geeksquad if my guess here is right; you got scammed) installed a potential software that allows for remote locking.

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