eMachine EL1352G-41W: Processor upgrades and FireWire PCI card

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Hello to all!!!
im new here and know very little about computers so forgive what might seem entry level questions. 
I have a EL1352G-41w emachine I’d like to upgrade the processor without changing the motherboard. Duo core or quad core. What processors can I use for this upgrade? And is it plug and play? Or do I also need to update the bios??

second question 
I have a FireWire audio interface that I’d love to use. Macs had it built in. What PCI card can I use to run FireWire on this same computer?
thAnk you 

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  • billsey
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    Your computer is old enough that we don't seem to have access to a service guide any longer. It came with Windows 7 originally and uses an AMD processor. You have to discover which generation the processor is to try and find a different one that's compatible, only other processors from the same era will work. You will get a much larger performance bump by swapping out your old HDD with a new SSD if you haven't already done that. The CPU upgrade is liable to be a minimal improvement.
    A Firewire interface requires an addon card that is at least PCIe x4, again we'll need to find the specs before we know what slots you have. Typically a machine that age will have one PCIe x16 slot earmarked for a GPU, and one or more additional slots that are typically x1. Your model number looks like it already has a card in the GPU slot.
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    I do not recommend upgrading such an old E-machine. I believe it uses AMD Sempron processor. You are still stuck with hardware and performance of that era. The performance is no match to modern day machines (other than what @Billsey suggested upgrading to 2.5" SSD for performance boost, still that is no match to modern day Gen 3 and gen 4 M.2 NVMe SSD).

    Modern day entry level PCs are around USD $450. If you must have FireWire audio interface, then get a Firewire PCIe card for that. Your E-machine already has such a longevity, you will not know when it will fail after all that upgrades you have done to it. Trust me, you will be happy with a new machine's performance as long as you don't use old style spinning HDD and third party anti-virus software or hitting the memory limit.
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    I have an EL1352 and am still getting usage out of it in 2022. it is upgraded as follows: AMD Phenom ii x4 955, 16 gb RAM (2 8gb sticks- not kidding), GT1030 gpu.   I would also recommend an SSD. For me it made sense to make the upgrades because i like the look and size of the EL1352 and it was a fun project. 
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    Hello,I'm also new here,wanted to ask RBThompson I also am upgrading a EL1352G and you post encouraged me about upgrading mine wanted to ask did you have to upgrade the processor first for it to except the 16 gb memory,could you walk me through your process please,thanks