How I found the best image quality for SpatialLabs SBS 3D Video Playback

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Owning myself an Acer SpacialLabs Laptop exclusively as player for side-by-side 3D video files (and being quite picky in terms of variations in image quality), I wanted the best possible 3D image quality for 3D movie-watching.

As already stated in another thread, the dedicated Acer Spatiallabs Player APP (currently V 2.9.21) does produce a fairly good video image with high contrast and immersive 3D depth, despite not being finished obviously (it still lacks of audio-tracks and subtitles. And over-under support is totally screwed up).

However, in terms of image quality there is an even better way: By using the same Spatiallabs Player APP in its former version V0.19 (from July 2022). This one has a noticeable better image resolution and a kind of auto-crosstalk-elimination, I don’t know how to express it, you have to test it out to see what I mean. It’s really astonishing. Probably only Acer engineers know why they gave up the former, even higher 3D resolution. But as you’d expect from an older version, there are downsides too. Besides of the (even) fewer functions, V0.19 doesn’t come with its own codecs, and it suffers of a slight tradeoff in motion smoothness (I had stated this in the other thread as well). Noticeable during scenes with camera panes. But I found a way to completely eliminate that… (by following the 3 steps below).

If you want the higher 3D movie image resolution of Spatiallabs Player V0.19, without the occasional motion stuttering in camera panes, you might follow the following steps:

1.: Install Spatiallabs Player V0.19. It can be installed while leaving the current Player and the SpatialLabs Center as it is. No need to uninstall anything – you can use both players on the same machine. And for those who don’t where and know get this specific Player V0.19: there is exact the same player named as “SR Player”, it can be downloaded for free from Dimenco SR APP Store (whereas V0.19 still is the latest version by the way) after having created a free account:

Dimemco SR Player download

2.: Install a codec pack for your media files, since this specific player version does need external video codecs to display your media content. I recommend Shark007Codec. Just grab and install it and leave its standard settings:

Shark007Codec download

3.: You’re almost there. For the smooth and shutter free playback, go to Windows Settings, Graphics, and add the SR Player (or Spatiallabsplayer 0.19) you’ve just installed as a new app, and set it to Energy safe mode (yes – really!), so that it does Intel’s integrated GPU, and NOT the Nvidia GPU.

Enjoy! However – I’m not responsible for any damage!! This perfectly worked on my Acer ConceptD 7 SpacialLabs Notebook with Windows 11 Pro which has been reset to factory defaults before.


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    Dear @Ingrid-Acer can you correct my typo in the title of this thread (SpalialLabs instead of SpatialLabs)? And if you can, pass this along to the correct Acer department as well? It's not my intention to push other customers away from using Acer Apps. The much prefered way would be if we could encourage Acer engineers listening to customer feedback like this. Isn't it? 😉 Thanks.