Opinions on ACER ACTAB10KB24 10.1" Does anyone have an opinions on it?

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Hi all,

I've seen Currys selling a ACER ACTAB10KB24 10.1" table for €169. This seems like good deal for a tablet with both a keyboard and 4GB of RAM. (Only 32GB of storage, but it takes an addon SD card so not a dealbreaker). However, there's no reviews of it out there. Does anyone have an opinions on it?


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    It's a special done only for Curry's, so any warranty or support service needs to be handled through them as well, rather than through Acer. Other than that, it's a fairly generic Android tablet. Acer has only been doing a few tablets for specific markets these days, rather that a wide distribution like they were doing ten years ago.

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    I have bought this tablet( not from Currys as you write above). First of all just a few months later suddenly i had no sound (only with my earphones). I tried to find a solution, but nothing as its hard to find anything about this model. It keeps says on the screen "silence" and thats all no known regulation to me can change it. I wonder if someone can help because apart from it , is a nice tablet from my favorite Acer.

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    Don't try replacing the 'glass'. I cracked my screen, purchased a replacement 'glass' and cracked the LED screen whilst replacing the glass. Far trickier than any other repair that I've carried out.

    Purchased a new one and am having trouble getting it to recognise an SD card.

    Also, I haven't been able to get hold of a user manual yet.

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    Everything else working fine so there is no reason for experiments. Its just a matter of sound but i dont know if its something wrong with the speakers or i must adjust something that i dont know. As i told before no sound problems when i plugg in my earphones.