Upgrading my acer aspire 1760 power supply

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I bought a 1650, thinking it was motherboard based but I was wrong. There are no cords on my psu that would fit in the 1650 and i’m wondering if there is any power supplies that would fit in the pc work with the motherboard and my gpu.


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    The TC-1760 desktop has a proprietary Acer mainboard and single rail PSU, if your GTX1650 requires a 6pin power plug then you need to buy a new PSU that has these PCIe 6 and 8pin power cords. The TC-1760 mainboard requires an 8pin ATX power plug from its PSU, you can get a 24pin to 8pin adapter so that you can upgrade to the newer multi rail modular PSUs like a 550W that will power your desktop and the gpu. Try that as that is the only option you have, otherwise you can't use that GTX1650 gpu. Good luck and hope this helps you out.

    TC-1760 mainboard

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