Predator Helios PH315-55-795C Display problem in a 3-4 month old predator laptop

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I currently own a Predator Helios 300 2022 3070ti laptop (model no.: PH315-55-795C). It's been 3-4 months since the purchase and the product was manufactured in Jan,2023.

I don't have major complaints, however the display has some shortcomings. I was made aware of a 'predator' problem of having the screen go black for 5-10 seconds before turning back on while the laptop is under use (predator Helios 300 2018 edition i believe). I have personally encountered this problem several times but the downtime was 2-3 seconds. I had turned a blind eye to it but today i had a especially nasty "glitch"?

The laptop was unplugged and had ~60% charge. The laptop was running on iGPU, 60 Hz refresh rate display. I was working and for a quick break, i closed the lid, (nothing happens on closing lid). The laptop i believe went to sleep after 10 mins. Sometime later, I check back in and open the lid, the screen is black, i press enter and am welcomed by following screen of white rectangles and lines instead of the lock screen. The cursor has also turned to a movable white square in a static field of rectangles. Nothing i could do, I tried taking a screenshot but was unsuccessful. I clicked some photos with my phone(attached below).
I left it alone and clicked some pictures until it auto timed-off to a black screen after which reopening gave me a normal lock screen.

The problem was 'solved' for today but I am concerned with that behavior and am wondering if the system is rapidly deteriorating. since I opened my pc and am typing the message, the fan alternates by quickly increasing speed and goes back to normal again (max temp=60C; only browser use). i don't know if it is a related problem or a normal scenario.

Is this a well-documented problem similar to the auto screen-off as an predator owner had informed me?
What could be the reason behind this problem?

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    Hello! I don't know if it will solve the problem. But there are some bios updates for the display:

    I would try updating the bios to the latest version.

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