Aspire 7-42G Some of the keys are not working for quite some time.

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As I have purchased my laptop, this has been one of my problems with Aspire 7-42G.

Some parts of the keyboard especially the backspace, number pads, and the other 10+ keys didn't work upon opening the laptop. I've waited for at least 15 minutes for the "not functioning" keys to be functional again. Basically, I wait for quite some time to be able to work with my laptop, which definitely bothers me.

Been trying to update the keyboard drivers, to restore the factory system but it still remains an issue with my laptop. Any recommendations on what should I do with this without the option to use an external keyboard? Thanks.

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    Is this an Aspire 7 A715-42G-R9F8 Notebook with Windows11?

    If you already tried the KB trouble shooter and uninstalled the KB driver, then rebooted to let Windows11 install the driver there isn't much more that can be done. It could be the KB cable plug that is loose or broken. Best bringing the laptop to Acer Services in your country to check the keyboard.

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    Hey! Does this problem also occur when connecting an external usb keyboard?

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