My laptop charging problem, when i remove the charger the charging is draining too fast soon.

anees03anees03 Member Posts: 2 New User

when the laptop charging is low i put the charger when i close the lid the charging is showing 100% with in a sec i was surprise then when i remove the charger the charging is draining too fast soon reaches to shut down. Please help me to come out of the problem as soon as possible.

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  • PurawPuraw Member Posts: 1,872 Community Aficionado

    I am not quite following what you are writing, how old is your laptop and what is the model?

    You plug-in the adapter when the battery charge is low, you then close the lid (after you shut down) and see the blue LED light indicating a 100% fully charged battery, after how many hours? Then you turn on the laptop and unplug the adapter and the battery drops quickly near zero charge as shown on the Windows10 (orW11?) Battery Meter.

    There are a few things you can do like; uninstall Windows battery controllers, update BIOS and/or buy a new battery.

    Let me know if I understand you correctly and please type my screen name on top @Puraw or click on "Quote" at the bottom of this comment.

  • anees03anees03 Member Posts: 2 New User

    how old is your laptop and what is the model? Ans: its just 9 months old laptop and the model is A715-51G.I am not so satisfy with this battery life

    100% fully charged battery, after how many hours?  let me explain you in detail when i my charge is 20% i put to charger after 5 min i saw the blue light is on when i open the laptop it was 100%.Now again when i was using the laptop charging is draining very fast as 1 min takes 2% to drain.

    when I again put in charge it again showing 100%. So please help me to get out of the trouble. Can I change the battery, Is it comes under the warrant or I spend my money. Is there any alternative idea to do? please reply as fast as you can

  • egydiocoelhoegydiocoelho ACE Posts: 93,905 Trailblazer

    Hi! Update the bios to the latest version:

    Optimize battery charging behavior

    • Data:2023/02/21
    • Versão:1.08
    • Fornecedor:Acer
    • Tamanho:8.42 MB
    • Download

    Note: Updating the bios is risky.

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  • PurawPuraw Member Posts: 1,872 Community Aficionado

    Yes, update your BIOS version to 2.02 if you have not done that yet:

    If charging issues still occur, uninstall these 2 battery drivers with Device manager and reboot;

    Note: when you first use a laptop or after installing a new battery you have to drain the battery till the laptop shuts down (5%) then plug in the power adapter without turning on the laptop and charge till the charge LED turns blue. Windows and BIOS have now registered a full charge cycle and data in Battery Meter and Battery Report will be valid. Only have to do this once.

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