Acer Predator Bug in Bifrost App for intel ARC A770 RGB control problem

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i wanted to report BUG that if you have integrated GPU enabled with Arc A770 at the same time. Bifrost app detect both cards which you can select but thats not the thing the thing is if you select ARC A770 you can control OC but changes to the LEDs wont be loaded. but if you select in my case intel igpu 770 and enter in pulsar light control and start changing settings it will change them for ARC. i hope you can fix it soon also would love to be able to control lights via for example OpenRGB or at last with motherboard light controls like MSI Mystic Light or ASUS Aura etc. so i can sync All lights together not having to use 5 diffirent apps.


  • JackE
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    Another user has reported that installing the latest Intel A770 app from Intel downloads resolves some bugs but only AFTER first uninstalling the old A770 app in Control Panel programs PLUS deleting the old BiFrost subdirectory in C : \ ProgramFiles.

    Jack E/NJ

  • Mad_Arson
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    yeah no uninstalling programs deleting folders and reinstalling them did not fixed the RGB problem it is still like the RGB settings are hard connected to the igpu when present and active but they change lights on gpu its not breaking bug or something its just inconvinient. you want change rgb ok then select igpu and choose colours lighting mode etc. but want to control actual gpu performance modes switch back to gpu. the lights will keep their settings when switching back to gpu. its just the question why app can even detetect Igpu as you can't control its oc through it. is it just to steal RGB settings to just having to do that one more unnecesary click.

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    Predator software version - any driver over the RGB just does not function.. is there any fix for the rgb control yet?

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    I just wanted to thank you for this comment. Shortly after installing the Predator Bifrost app, I was able to control the lighting. After playing around with settings on my new computer and other RGB components, I lost the ability to control the lights on my graphics card.

    After reading your post, I found that I can control the lighting again when switching to Intel UHD Graphics 770, but not when Predator Intel Arc 770 is selected. It seems odd that this hasn't been resolved in the last 7 month since this thread was started.