Acer Won't turn on at all and last I remember I even replaced the battery in 2015

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My laptop wont turn on at all and last I remember I even replaced the battery in 2015. I need help please.

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    After 8 years use (or just storage) your battery will be dead, buy a new battery exactly the same model, capacity as the one in your laptop, preferably with the correct Acer part number on it($45).

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    We request you to share the complete model number of your unit. This helps us to understand the specifications and assist you better.

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    Hay. Check your acer basics. Is there LED on charger? If yes - check if the LED lights up. If not - charger is dead.

    If charger has led indicator and it lights up. Connect charger to acer laptop. And check if the charging LED on laptop turns on. If not - can be charger cable damage, or charging port damage.

    If charger LED indicator turns on. But when you connect charger to laptop it turns off. That means short circuit in charging board in laptop. And need to be repaired your motherboard.