predator helios 300 Laptop i turned it on in result i got a black screen with the turbo button on

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hey guys i have a predator helios 300 laptop, i turned it on in result i got a black screen with the turbo button on and all the keyboard keys light off with a quiet sound from the fans i tried to change the cable and it did not work and i tried holding tge power buttom 1 min and blug it in and 9 sec and plug it in with a fail result and i don't have a tiny button in the back of my laptop and I can't take off the battery unless i ruin my laptop. So please help me guys.

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    Hello! What is the exact model? Example PH315-52-5890. When you connect an external monitor, does the image appear?

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    Opening the back cover and taking off the battery of your laptop will NOT»> “and I can't take off the battery unless i ruin my laptop” as you can open your laptop easily, unscrew the back cover screws and then pry the back cover off from the laptop vents slowly until the back cover opens, after you have taken the back cover off, disconnect and take the main battery out, disconnect the bios battery and take the ram out, leave all components disconnected for 15min and reconnect every component, if you have 2x ram modules only connect back 1x module first as faulty ram can be a problem also for your laptop not turning on like you have.

    All this will do a Hard Reset of your laptops Super IO chip and bios chip. If this reset doesn’t work then you have other problems that could be from numerous sources like bios chip, faulty battery, faulty eDP cable and lastly a charging and power circuitry issues that you should get an experience technician to look at that has all the proper tools and can fix your laptop.