How to access Acer chromebook 317 BIOS, Booting via USB would work as well.

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Is it possible to access the chromebook 317 BIOS? I find the OS inadequate for the jobs that I do and wish to install a fully functional Linux. Booting via USB would work as well.

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    You will not be able to access Bios on chromebook.

    You will not be able to access bios on most of the chromebooks.  Normally on a windows computer we tap f2 while turning on the computer to go to bios. 

    Chromebook is installed with google os so you cannot access bios on it.

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    I'm typing this on my Chromebook 317 running Linux. (MX Linux at the moment but can boot to others.)


    I would try RW_LEGACY first so you can still dual-boot ChromeOS until you're sure you want the full firmware (which won't boot ChromeOS.) Keep backups/restore image. I bought a 10-pack of 30GB USB sticks and tested booting various OS's until I decided on one to overwrite the internal storage.

    Most obvious problem you'll have is no sound. I got it working by copying asound.state from ChromeOS to Linux. Sorry, been a while so I can't remember details, except MX Linux was the best at detecting hardware (though I got sound working in other distros the same way.)

    But no, you can't get into "the BIOS" to speak of, you can get a boot device menu and a few other things, but there's no settings to "tweak" like you would expect on a PC.