My new Predator PO3 - 640 doesn't spin the fans faster when PredatorSense is on auto


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  • Kz00Kz00 Member Posts: 7 New User

    Oh this is from offical acer website Predatorsense features showoff


    If going all out, choose the Max or Custom setting, or let PredatorSense keep watch over thermal temps with the “Auto” option.

    But it doesn't watch over my temps when the CPU has to go 100C to turn the fan on. And it is clearly not controlling the case fans on auto

  • chugzillachugzilla Member Posts: 391 Seasoned Practitioner

    yeah, my auto doesn't EVER change speed on my PO5-640-UB11 so who knows why or whatever i could care less to get optimal performance when gaming it should always be in GAMING MODE or you risk ruining your CPU from the heat it's that simple. now if we had a case with 10-12 fans in the front and top-bottom and sides and a awesome cooler then maybe auto would work but acer gives subpar cooling and not nearly enough fans like all manufactures do from all my research. to get good cooling and enough fans you're looking at 3k-5k and up unless you build yourself and then Ya probably won't save much but can do it your way. i added a new Noctua NH-U12A and 2 frost blade fans up top as exhaust and that has brough everything down almost 20 degrees but that's with it in GAMING MODE. hope this helps tc all n be safe as always.

  • Kz00Kz00 Member Posts: 7 New User

    You are missing the point mate. First of all the fan setup is enough to keep the pc cool even under load. Secondly, as I said the PS doesn't do what it's promising, and the curve is Fd up in the bios if I need to wait to the fan to kick in until 100C. It should work how it is. Dont need to to spend thousands on it at all.

    There was some, mentioned he has a replacement model and Auto does what it should do. Something Fd up in our system. Does anyone has a factory win10 dump? Is it possible Acer put a dll somewhere that communicate with the mobo? It must be their hidden ***** somewhere

  • chugzillachugzilla Member Posts: 391 Seasoned Practitioner

    yeah, i know i get it i have the same issue and a lot of us do.

  • Kz00Kz00 Member Posts: 7 New User

    Auto still doesnt work but I achived something. I don't know how but it is awful. Fans are around 60% all the time in linux. In windows, when I set custom rpm on the cpu fan it will spin up to that speed then when it is on speed it slowing down do default then speed up again and down again.


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