PS5 VRR support with Acer X27p but couldn't find a clear specific answer for that.

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Hi everyone,

As the title already says, I'm wondering if the X27p, which comes with official VRR support via hdmi, would support the PS VRR feature.

I already googled a lot, but couldn't find a clear specific answer for that.

As I already know, the X27p has only hdmi 2.0, but I read that xbox x series VRR works, so will PS5 also works on that, although it requires officially hdmi 2.1?

thx in advance

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  • JackE
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    The PS5's HDMI-2.1 VRR protocol should be backward compatible with the X27p's HDMI-2.0 VRR protocol.

    However, the keywords are "should be" --- as opposed to --- "is".

    As with most bleeding edge new technologies, there are no 100% guarantees if that's what you're waiting to hear before you'll try one and see.

    I'd guess the chances are over 50% that it will work. Accordingly, you should buy one from a vendor with a good returns policy just in case it doesn't.

    Jack E/NJ