Can I use a stylus pen on my TMB311R-31-C16W

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Stylus pens are available for B311RN, which my device is NOT. What if I bought a stylus pen and use it on my computer anyway? If an active stylus pen does not work on my computer, what's the next best thing to write and draw on my screen?

Model: TMB311R-31-C16W

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  • JackE
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    Here's the link to the active stylus compatibility chart which shows the 311R is not compatible near the bottom of the chart. The next best thing is the passive eraser-tip type pen that essentially mimics your pinky finger. Usually less than $5 from a Walmart or dollar store unless you want one studded with rhinestones & a nice pearlescent lacquer clear-coat paint job. 🙂

    Jack E/NJ

  • schneebay
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    Thanks for your answer! I just bought two passive pens for 4.4 Chinese yuan ($0.6) and hope they work...

  • billsey
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    Yes, any of the pens with the blunt rubber types will work fine. Your model doesn't have an active digitizer (that's what the N specifies) so the active pens will not work at all.

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