R721T number keys

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What can be done to fix the number keys on the r721T. I have quite the bone pile of them because the number keys stop working. Usually only the 5 and 6 keep working. I have power washed reseated the keyboard cable (etc.....). Just curious.


  • billsey
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    The consensus seems to be that the fix is a keyboard replacement. Sometimes if you contact support they will deal with it for you even out of warranty but that's not guaranteed. A portion of the keyboard description in the FRU list is Keyboard SUNREX AD1G_C80B AD1G, so a search on AD1G keyboard might turn up replacements. I can look up the actual Acer part number if I knew which language yours is setup for.

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  • bordencounty
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    Billsey Thank you for taking the time to answer. These chromebooks are setup for US English.

  • Acer-Ingrid
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    Hello bordencounty,

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I sent you a private message requesting some information in order to forward your issue to our support channel, please reply at your convenience.

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