CP514-1H-R86J OS is up to date but, Wi-Fi disconnects frequently

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I have a CP514-1H-R86J with a persistent WIFI issue where the Chromebook looses its internet connection frequently, this is not a router issue as the problem occurs elsewhere on other networks.

ChromeOS version is 105.0.5195.134 and all firmware is up to date.

This Chromebook has a Realtek RTL8822CE WIFI card which I believe is well known for connectivity problems, some people have reported success in replacing the Realtek WIFI card with an Intel AX200 on windows laptops. This looks like a direct replacement from a hardware perspective on the Chromebook but I suspect I will encounter driver issues if I attempt to install an Intel card.

Is there a known fix for this issue or has anyone had any success replacing/upgrading the WIFI card on this or any other Chromebook.



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    Acer ships the CP514-1H models with either a Lite-On Realtek card or an Intel AX200 card. You should be able to drop an Intel AX200 or AX210 into the M.2 slot.

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  • I would try to reinstall the software by pressing the Refresh+Power keys.

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  • IanAh
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    UPDATE: I replaced the Realtek card with an Intel AX200.NGWG.NV it worked out of the box and solved my issue


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    Thanks for the update! So often we never hear back...

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