514 Spin Chromebooks restarting once a day no matter what I do

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I bought a fleet of Spin 514 Chromebooks for our school district. We are a Google Workspace environment. It didn't take long before users started to complain that their Chromebook was restarting on them once a day. They are not able to prevent this, although it does start warning them an hour before. We have scoured the settings in the back end of Google Workspace and we have everything set up properly to not have this happen, yet it keeps happening. I have tried wiping profiles via Google Workspace, and also complete factory reset, to no avail.

We called Google support and they said that there may be a built in mechanism in the Chromebooks to shut them down to avoid overheating. I have found no documentation of this.

Any thoughts or wisdom on this would be appreciated. Thank you.


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    Try the below step:

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    We need to determine whether it is a hardware or software issue.

    Try to do a chrome reset on your chromebook  

    open chrome

    click on three dots on top right corner 

    click on settings

    Scroll down - go to advanced

    click on restore setting to default

    you will see reset settings - cancel

    click on reset settings 

    Close the chrome and open it It should work fine.. 

    If it is still not working.. 

    We need to do a power wash on your chrome book.  

    Restart the chromebook.

    On the login screen please don’t type the password.

    Hold the Ctrl key + shift key + alt key on keyboard and then press the letter r once

    It will show “Reset this pc”

    Click on power wash and continue.. 

    Please understand it will clear the local and user settings.. 

    Please complete the final setup.. 

    Connnect to wifi and type the wifi password

    Login to chromebook with your regular password

    It should work fine ..

    If it is still not working..

    Kindly follow the details from the link given below.  It will show you how to perform a hard reset. 


    Once the hard reset is completed try to check whether it is working fine by connecting to wireless.   If it is not connecting to a wifi at your home please try to connect to a wifi in a different place or try to go to a hot spot and try to connect to a different wifi and check. 

    I suggest you to use cool pads to avoid over heating..




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    Yeah there is a mechanism where things shut down if the CPU gets too high of a temperature, but that doesn't seem to match your 'once a day' and 'gives a warning first' scenario. It is much more likely to be something in the enterprise build that's doing something like thinking there has been an update that needs a restart even when there isn't. Get back to Google on the issue. Thermal shutdown happen unexpectedly and only warn if you have an app running to provide the warning. Typically a thermal shutdown happens when the CPU goes over 100C and that is very unusual in non-gaming systems.

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