Nitro 5 Horizontal lines on screen?

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My Nitro 5 suddenly had horizontal lines on its screen after working perfectly fine for just over an year. There was no physical damage, no pressure, no bump anytime. I was just watching a video on YT when it suddenly had these lines. I've reset the drivers, booted in safe mode, but lines still persist. A guy at a local repair shop said it could be the display cable issue. But I cannot find the cable online, any solutions?
I live in India, and the screen is 2560x1440, 165Hz, 3ms response (advertised). I've attached photos which show the screen condition and the display cable sticker.

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    First 10 digits of Serial Number: NHQBCSI002
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    Have you tried changing the refresh rate in Advanced display settings? Or unable to change from 60Hz, I am unable to view the Refresh rate clearly in your picture, anyway, the part number for the cable is 50.Q7KN2.012
    I couldn't find any retailers in India, I would suggest you contact Acer support centre in India, they might be able to find a retailer in India.
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    I'm able to change the refresh rates. I was just trying, when I switched from 165 to 60, the screen worked perfectly for a few seconds, and then the lines appeared again. I did contact one of my nearest service centers, and they denied service of an out of warranty product. Not a day goes by when I don't regret not getting extended warranty.
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    I have same issue. Immediately I switch from 165 to 60 it stops.

    How do I fixed this

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    The same lines appeared in my Acer nitro gaming monitor today. I disconnected the monitor from the PC but the issue persisted in the "no signal" screen; it is not a software issue for sure.

    Did you resolve the problem?