N19Q10 stuck in Powerwash! Can't get out of this loop.

HarveyZ Member Posts: 1 Newbie
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Hi. While powerwashing my Acer Chromebook the updates are downloaded. I get to the Connect to network screen. Says To restore your data, connect to the internet. I connect to WiFi, click Next, and the downloads begin again. Can't get out of this loop.
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  • William_mk2
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    Kindly follow the details from the link given below.    It will show you how to perform a hard reset. 


    Once the hard reset is completed try to check whether it is working fine by connecting to wireless.     If it is not connecting to a wifi at your home please try to connect to a wifi in a different place or try to go to a hot spot and try to connect to a different wifi and check. 

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  • Easwar
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    Hi @HarveyZ,

    Restart and check it once again. 
  • Ayoucouli
    Ayoucouli Member Posts: 1 New User


    j’ai eu le même problème que @HarveyZ

    et j’ai réinitialisé mais c’est le même problème qui revient.

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