Cannot update Acer Nitro 5 AN515-57 to Windows 11 - Intel Smart Sound Technology (SST) driver issue

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I have this model computer: Acer Nitro AN515-57

Cannot update to Windows 11 via Windows Update due to this safeguard:

Have checked Device Manager and appear to have Intel SST driver version for Bluetooth Audio and USB Audio

The above link says "This issue is resolved by updating the Intel® Smart Sound Technology drivers to a version and later or and later. Important: Later versions refer to just the last part of the version number. For addressing this issue, 10.30.x versions are not newer than 10.29.x versions."

The issue I am having is actually locating the Intel SST driver - does anyone know where this can be downloaded or can you please assist Acer?

The Intel website only mentions version and when I download this driver and point to it in Device Manager, I am told that I already have the best version of the driver installed.

I have the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant installed
"Your Intel® drivers and software are up to date."'

Have checked and entered my serial number - installed latest Realtek audio driver though appears to be unrelated

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