How do I "enable notebook" for Whispermode 2.0 - Acer Nitro 5

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When I first got my Acer Nitro 5, Whispermode 2.0 worked for 2-3 days then stopped working and popped on the side saying "not ready" with every requirement met
except for "enabled by notebook". How can I fix this?

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  • Easwar
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    Hi @wnce,

    Now, go to “Games” section and you'll notice the “Whisper Mode” option located on the right pane of the window. Click on the slider to enable this feature., go to “Games”,slider to enable this feature.
  • wnce
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    Unfortunately there is no option for Whispermode under Games & Apps for me

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    i have been trying to figure that out to 

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    @wnce hey there, i fixed the exact same issue on my laptop without doing anything sketchy and this your poblem is most likely something of this kind that if interfeering with the NVidia GeForce:

    as you can see i own a ROG laptop and we have armoury crate (i believe ACER also has some similar software) and on the GPU Power Settings i had it on Standard and it would give me the same error on Whisper 2.0 just like you.

    once i changed from Standard to Advanced it instantly refreshes the GeForce Experience app and the Whisper 2.0 becomes avaiable just like the following photos

  • true2000
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    step that i do:

    1. Open NitroSense.
    2. Open GeForce Experience.
    3. Connect your AC Adapter to your Nitro 5.
    4. Click on the QUIET mode at NitroSense.
    5. It will shown WHISPER MODE : ON on the bottom left side of NitroSense window. (You can change it back to Default mode later).
    6. Check Geforce Experience. Turn on Whisper mode on the left side (under ingame overlay menu)
    7. Then, finished..

    Thats how i do it.

    Hope it helped..

  • karan158
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    System Model Nitro AN515-45

    in this nitro sense interface is different that is why I can't enable by whisper mode .

    please help I can't turn off it

    so my fps stuck in 120

    please help

  • rami123456
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    i have same issue on my acer nitro an517-41 3070gpu, tried all methods above nothing really helped

  • shiroviper
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    We have some problem and my nitro sense did not have silent mode. The fix was I uninstall graphics driver and ge force exp using ddu, restart and install the OEM geforce exp and graphics driver first, then turn on/off in geforce exp app then update to latest graphics driver and geforce exp.


  • lolxd
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    I have acer nitro 5 and I installed NitroSense, reinstalled GeForce Exp, googled it, and I can't find how to "open notebook" and "enable". I think its time to contact support.